What Does a Cockroach Sound Like? Decoding Roach Noises

Have you ever heard a mysterious rustling in the night and wondered, “What does a cockroach sound like?”

Understanding the distinctive sounds cockroaches make can be crucial in early detection and prevention.

Dive into this blog to unravel the enigma of cockroach noise and equip yourself with knowledge to stay one step ahead!

what does a cockroach sound like
What Does a Cockroach Sound Like? Decoding Roach Noises

Do Cockroaches Make Noise? 

Absolutely! Cockroaches do produce sounds, although they’re generally quite faint.

The noises they make might be subtle and not always easy for us to pick up with our ears.

However, if you listen closely, you might just catch a cockroach chirping sound. 

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what does a cockroach sound like

What does a Cockroach sound like? 

Cockroaches are quite the intriguing insects, and they can produce a range of sounds, depending on their species and what’s going on around them. Here are some of the fascinating sounds they can make:  

  • Hissing: Did you know the Madagascar hissing cockroach creates a noticeable hissing sound? They achieve this by pushing air out of their spiracles, which are the tiny openings they use to breathe.  
  • Clicking: Some species, like the Australian giant burrowing cockroach, have a unique way of communicating. They generate clicking or chirping sounds by rubbing their wings together.   
  • Croaking: Now, this one’s quite rare. The death’s head cockroach can emit a croaking or even a squeaking sound, and they do this by vibrating their mouthparts.  

While cockroaches aren’t the most vocal of insects, they can sometimes make sounds we can hear. So, if your home echoes with any of these noises, it might be a sign of roach visitor. 

Source: John Tramp 

Why Do Cockroaches Make Noise? 

Cockroaches, just like many other creatures, have their own ways of communicating. Those little chirps and clicks you might hear? They serve various purposes: 

  • Mating Calls: Some of these sounds play a crucial role in their romantic endeavors, beckoning potential mates. 

what does a cockroach sound like

  • Warnings: Cockroaches will also emit these noises as an alert to rivals or to establish territory. 
  • Defense Mechanism: In the presence of predators, these sounds can be a way for them to try and deter threats. 

If there’s a significant number of these critters around, you might even catch them chatting and sizing each other up through these unique noises. 

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Can Cockroaches produce a Hissing Noises? 

The Madagascar hissing cockroach is the only type of roach that makes a distinct hissing sound.

This noise isn’t just any ordinary sound; it’s created when air is pushed through the spiracles located on their abdomen. 

These spiracles are essentially the breathing holes for cockroaches.

The hissing often happens when male Madagascar hissing cockroaches detect the presence of another male and decide to engage.

It’s their unique way of communicating who’s the boss. Moreover, they’ll also produce this hissing sound if they feel threatened, whether by other roaches or even humans. 

Can you hear Cockroaches at night? 

Cockroaches are creatures of the night, meaning they’re most active during nighttime hours.

You might hear their little scuffles in the dark as they search for food or try to find a mate.

Do all cockroach species produce the same noise? 

No. While many roaches are known to produce chirping or clicking sounds, identifying them solely based on these noises can be quite challenging.

If you’re hearing these little critters, it might be a sign to consider pest control measures.

What to Do If You Detect Cockroach Sounds?

Hearing them is often a sign you might have a roach problem.

Remember when and where you noticed the sounds.

Check for signs like droppings that look like coffee grounds, a distinct musty or oily odor, or the undeniable clue — finding deceased roaches.

Once you spot these signs, it’s a good idea to set up traps. 

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what does a cockroach sound like


In wrapping up, understandingWhat does a cockroach sound like?” is more than just satisfying curiosity; it’s about being proactive in pest detection.

We’ve explored the unique chirps, clicks, and rustles these critters produce. Armed with this knowledge, you’re better equipped to identify any potential infestations early on.

Interested in more pest-related insights? Dive deeper with our other informative blogs here at Pestweek. 

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