How to Bomb your house for Roaches Safely and Effectively

Do you wonder how to bomb your house for roaches effectively and safely

In this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about roach bombing, from preparing your house and cleaning up afterwards 

How to Bomb your house for Roaches

How to bomb your house for roaches in 10 Steps? 

A bug bomb is a device that sprays a cloud of pesticide in a room infested with roaches. The pesticide settles on the surfaces and kills any roaches that touch it.

However, the pesticide is also harmful to humans and can cause health problems if you touch or breathe it.

That’s why you need to prepare your house well before using a bug bomb and avoid any contact with the pesticide residue. 

Measuring space  

Before using a bug bomb, you need to check how much space it can cover. The EPA advises not to use more than one bug bomb per room. 

Most bug bombs can cover a room of about 2,000 cubic feet, which is about 15 feet by 16 feet with 8 feet high ceilings.  

Some bug bombs are more powerful and can cover over 6,000 cubic feet, so you need to read the label carefully. To measure your room, multiply the width, length and height of the room. Make sure you use the right amount of bug bombs for your space. 

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Follow the instructions carefully  

Different bug bombs may have different instructions for how to use them. You need to read the label of your product carefully and follow the steps exactly.

This is important because the bug bombs are very strong and have different chemicals that can affect your health.

If you don’t follow the instructions, you may get sick or hurt yourself.

Some people have had problems like skin and eye irritation, breathing trouble and vomiting because they didn’t use the bug bombs correctly. 

Turn off the ignition

Bug bombs have flammable pesticide that can cause fire if it touches any flame. You need to put out any fire sources before you use a bug bomb.

This includes candles and pilot lights for stoves, water heaters, fireplaces, and furnaces.

Bug bombs can also start a fire in electrical devices, especially those that turn on and off by themselves, like your fridge.

You need to unplug your appliances, smoke detectors, and electronics before you activate the bug bomb to avoid any fire hazard. 

Cover objects

The fog from the bug bomb can leave a harmful residue on the surfaces of your house. You need to protect your items from the pesticide to avoid any health problems later.

You can cover these items with sheets, plastic, or newspapers to keep them clean:

  • Countertops and cutting boards where you prepare food. 
  • Toys for your children. 
  • Kitchen tools, dishes, and cups. 
  • Sinks.
  • Bowls for your pets.
  • Furniture and bedding with fabric.

You also need to store your food and your pet’s food in a safe place so they don’t get contaminated by the pesticide. 

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How to Bomb your house for Roaches

Close the room and turn off the air conditioning  

You need to make sure the fog stays in the room and settles on its own.

This will make the bug bomb more effective. You need to close and seal all the windows, doors, and other openings that could let the pesticide escape.

You also need to turn off any fans and your air conditioner. This will prevent the fog from being blown away or getting into your air system, which could be dangerous and wasteful. 

Open cabinets, drawers, and closets  

Roaches like to hide in dark and closed places in your house.

You need to make sure the pesticide can reach these places and kill them.

You need to open all the doors and drawers of your cupboards, cabinets, closets, and any other places where you are using the bug bomb.

The pesticide will stay active for weeks and keep killing any roaches that come out of their hiding spots. 

Notify your neighbors  

You need to make sure no one enters your house while you are using the bug bomb.

You need to close all the rooms and put a sign to warn others of the danger.

You also need to tell your friends and family members what you are doing.

If you have a neighbor who shares a wall with you, like in an apartment or townhouse, you need to talk to them about your plan. They may need to leave their house too. 

Place the Roach fogger in the middle of the room  

You may need to use more than one bug bomb in your house, depending on how big it is and how many rooms you want to treat.

You need to put each bug bomb on a stable and flat surface in the middle of the room.

You also need to plan how you will activate the bug bombs and leave the house safely. You should start from the top floor and go from one room to another, moving toward the exit. 

Leave the house  

You need to make sure no one and no pets are in the house when you use a bug bomb. You need to leave the house even if you are only treating one room.

The pesticide can leak into other rooms and it is very dangerous even in small amounts when the bug bomb is working. 

How to Bomb your house for Roaches

Ventilate and tidy up the room 

You need to keep away from the house for a few hours after you use the bug bomb.

You need to open all the windows and doors in your house and wait for another 1-2 hours to let the air clear.

Do not let your family or pets come back into the house when you are airing it out. 

When the house is safe to go back in, you need to clean up any pesticide residue.

You need to wipe down any surfaces that were not covered when you fogged.

You also need to wash any clothes, sheets, and towels that were exposed to the pesticide.

How Long Do You Have to Wait Before Re-Entering the House? 

You need to check the label of the product to see how long you need to wait before you can go back into the house.

It can take from 2 to 4 hours or more for the house to be safe again. You need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer carefully.

If you air out the house too soon, you will lose the pesticide effect and you could get sick from breathing the pesticide particles. 

Do insect bombs work on killing cockroaches? 

Bug bombs may not be the best way to get rid of roaches in your house. A 2019 study from North Carolina State University showed that bug bombs did not work against German cockroaches, a common type of roach that lives in homes all year round.

The study tested 20 homes with roach infestations and found that the roach numbers did not go down after using the bug bombs. Bug bombs may work better for other pests, like flying insects, bed bugs, and some other bugs, but they cannot reach all the places where roaches hide.

The study also found that German cockroaches may become resistant to the chemicals used in bug bombs. 

How Cockroach Foggers Work? 

You can buy cockroach foggers at many stores that sell home improvement products.

They are like small spray cans that you use in small spaces, like rooms in your house.

Usually, you put the fogger on a table or chair, and you turn it on by pushing a button or pulling a tab on the top of the can. You need to follow all the instructions on the label to protect yourself and your pets. 

When you turn on the cockroach bomb, it sprays a pesticide in the air. This pesticide lands on the surfaces where roaches may touch, and kills them. 

How to Bomb your house for Roaches

Things to Consider about using Roaches Fogger  

You may think that cockroach bombs are a good way to get rid of roaches in your home. They are easy to find, cheap and simple to use. But there are some things you should know before you buy and use one of these products. 

Effectiveness: Cockroach bombs may not kill all the roaches in your home. Roaches can hide in places where the pesticide fog cannot reach, like behind walls and inside appliances. You may only kill some of the roaches, but not the whole infestation. Roaches may also become resistant to the chemicals in the bombs. 

Safety: Cockroach bombs can leave a lot of pesticide on the surfaces in your home. This can be bad for your health and the health of your family and pets. You need to follow the instructions on how to clean up after using a bomb. You also need to be careful not to start a fire with the bombs. They have flammable ingredients that can ignite if they touch any flame or spark. 

Precautions: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has some advice for homeowners who use cockroach bombs. You need to leave the house and take your pets with you when you use a bomb.

You need to stay out of the house for a few hours, depending on the product. You need to cover your food and kitchen items before you use a bomb. You need to open the windows and air out the house after you use a bomb.

You need to wash your clothes and bedding and vacuum your carpets after you use a bomb. You need to follow the label directions and not use more than one bomb per room. 

Time and money: Cockroach bombs may not be the best solution for your roach problem. You may end up spending more money and time trying to get rid of the roaches than you expected. You may also risk your health and safety by using the bombs. 

How to Bomb your house for Roaches

Why do I see more roaches after bombing? 

Roaches can escape the pesticide fog by hiding in cracks, crevices, and other places where the bug bombs cannot reach. This can make the roach problem worse, as they can breed and multiply in these safe areas.

Bug bombs may miss many roach hiding spots, leading to a population boom. 

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You learned how to bomb your house for roaches, a common and effective method of pest control. 

If you want to learn more about pest control and how to keep your home free from unwanted guests, check out our other blogs at Pestweek.

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