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Pestweek is the ultimate destination for anyone seeking comprehensive and reliable information about insects.

At Pestweek, we will address all your queries about harmful insects in the most specific manner.

If you are dealing with issues related to any type of insects, and you want to prevent and eliminate them using every possible method, just visit Pestweek!

Why does Pestweek appear?

Currently, numerous websites dedicated to insects have emerged, aiming to provide articles addressing common questions about insects. However, very few of these websites offer specific answers to each issue you may encounter. Most provide only brief responses, requiring you to spend additional time visiting other websites to find the answers you need.

Recognizing this, Emily Carter, an insect expert, has established Pestweek to tackle the aforementioned problem all in one website. This platform is designed to provide you with specific, accurate, and efficient information, saving you time and effort.


Delivering the best solutions to prevent and eliminate harmful insects


To become a leading global website on insects.

How to maintain and increase the value of Pestweek every day

Every day, by consistently monitoring major social media platforms worldwide, we continuously discover people’s inquiries about issues related to harmful insects. Furthermore, leveraging the extensive knowledge of expert Emily Carter in the field of insects, we create articles that are both high-quality and swiftly address common queries.

Additionally, we regularly update older content to ensure its continued value over time.

Our team

Emily Carter

Emily Carter is a Filipino entomologist with over 40 years of research experience in insect-related topics.

Calina Mabel

Calina Mabel has over 15 years of experience in the field of journalism and communications
Content Creation Process

As you may know, original content about Insects is often quite challenging to comprehend. To make these materials more reader-friendly while maintaining their quality, they are skillfully handled by an adept Content Writer.

At Pestweek, we have Calina Mabel on board. She has over 15 years of expertise in journalism and communications. What’s more, all of these contents have been consulted and approved by Emily Carter.

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