How To Get Rid of Roaches in A Refrigerator Effectively

In this blog, you will learn how to get rid of roaches in a refrigerator using simple and effective methods. 

Rid of Roaches in A Refrigerator
How To Get Rid of Roaches in A Refrigerator Effectively

1. How to Get rid of Roaches in the Refrigerator?

First, unplug the fridge from the socket to avoid electrical shocks. Then move it away from the wall with the help of someone. Inspect the areas behind, beneath, and around it. 

Clean the fridge and its surrounding

  1. Empty your refrigerator of all food items and relocate the compartments to a different area.

  2. Thoroughly eradicate roach eggs within the fridge to curb their multiplication.

  3. Wipe down the fridge interior, ensuring the removal of food crumbs and debris. Opt for mild, unscented commercial cleaners. Pay attention to the refrigerator handle, top, and bottom. Identify and eliminate roach shells or droppings on external surfaces.

  4. Submerge the compartments in a cleaning solution and scrub them diligently.

  5. Clear the floor beneath and behind the fridge, eliminating food particles that roaches might feed on.

  6. Safely disinfect food containers to eliminate bacteria and fungus, deterring cockroach attraction.

  7. Establish a routine for regular fridge cleaning post-infestation to sustain a roach-free environment.

Spread sugar and borax mixture  

Roaches are attracted to sugar, but you can use borax to kill roaches.

Create a mixture by combining sugar and borax in a bowl.

Place it inside the fridge and areas roaches frequent.

As they feed on this mixture, it’s toxic to them and leads to their demise. If you prefer, you can use baking soda or boric acid with sugar as alternatives to borax.

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Using Peppermint oil, neem, and bay leaves

Peppermint oil, neem, and bay leaves are the best organic repellents suitable for keeping away roaches from inside the fridge.

Spray peppermint oil inside the refrigerator.

Also, place finely crushed cucumber in an aluminum tin and put it inside the refrigerator to repel roaches.

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Spread boric acid around the fridge

Boric acid kills cockroaches by drying their skeletons when it contacts them. Spread boric acid around the refrigerator to kill roaches.

Place baits near the fridge

Baits work by alluring roaches. They contain poison and have a sweet scent that attracts cockroaches to come and feed on them.

Roaches ingest the poison from the bait and go back to their population.

Later, they die and spread the poison to the other cockroaches that feed on them.

Seal the entry points

Another trick to prevent roaches from entering the fridge or your home is closing the entry points.

Seal electrical outlets of the fridge 1/8 inch or broader using caulking to block the cockroaches from entering. 

 Roaches in A Refrigerator

2. Can roaches damage a refrigerator motor?

Roaches are most attracted to the motor compartment of the refrigerator because of the warmth in that area.

They hide in the motor and occasionally enter the fridge to eat food and return. Roach infestation in the motor parts can significantly damage the fridge’s cooling system.

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 Roaches in A Refrigerator

3. Can you spray raid under a refrigerator?

It’s advisable to avoid insecticides and pesticides when removing roaches under the fridge.

Aerosol sprays are highly flammable, and applying them under the refrigerator where the motor is located can spark a fire if the spray is not spread as directed.

4. How do roaches get into a refrigerator?

Roaches are attracted to dark, warm, humid, and damp places. Your fridge contains foods that attract cockroaches that enter through the following ways:

  1. They pass through old seals which are worn out on the fridge door
  2. When you leave the fridge door open
  3. Through loose metal plates
  4. Outlets wider than 1/8 inch
  5. Crevices and cracks in the outer shell

5. Where do roaches hide in the refrigerator?

Roaches often hide in the motor compartment and underneath the freezers. In most cases, they will look for warm areas.

Note that as the refrigerator is running, it is warm on the outside while the interior is being cooled. 

Rid of Roaches in A Refrigerator


In this blog, you have learned how to get rid of roaches in a refrigerator using simple and effective methods.  

We hope you found this blog useful and informative. If you want to learn more about roaches and how to deal with them, check out our other blogs from Pestweek

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