How To Get Rid of Roaches in A Refrigerator

Roaches can survive in a refrigerator and an infestation can drastically affect the hygiene of the foodstuffs in it. These creatures carry germs, bacteria, and fungus in their bodies and spread them wherever they go. Consuming foods contaminated by roaches can lead to food poisoning.

To get rid of roaches in a refrigerator, disconnect it from power and remove all the food in it. Deep a soft towel in soapy water, wring and use the wet towel to clean the fridge. Then seal every entry point and replace any old seals on the door. Place roach baits behind and under the refrigerator to kill any roach that goes in or out.

If you have a roach infestation in your kitchen they will definitely look for hiding areas and this includes the refrigerator. Maintaining an anti- roach environment is the best way to keep roaches from your fridge and homestead.

How To Get Rid of Roaches in A Refrigerator
Roaches in A Refrigerator

How to get rid of roaches in the refrigerator

Before removing the roaches, it’s vital to know the type of roach you are dealing with. The German cockroach is the most common type that infests refrigerators. Proper identification helps you simply the best methods to remove them and the frequent areas you should pay attention to.

First, unplug the fridge from the socket to avoid electrical shocks. Then move it away from the wall with the help of someone. Inspect the areas behind, beneath, and around it. 

1. Clean the fridge and its surrounding

1. Remove all the foodstuffs from the fridge. Roaches might contaminate open foods, and consuming them is detrimental to your health. Dispose of contaminated foods but spare the ones with tight-fitting lids. Also, remove the fridge compartments and place them elsewhere.

2. Remove and destroy roaches’ eggs inside the fridge to prevent them from multiplying.

3. Clean the inside of the fridge by removing food crumbs and debris. Use safe commercial cleaners with no strong scent. Remember to wipe the handle, the top, and the bottom of the refrigerator. Identify roaches’ shells or droppings on the outer parts of the fridge and destroy them. Empty the water pan below the refrigerator.

4. Soak the compartments in the cleaning solution and scrub them with it. Let them dry.

5. Clean the floor area beneath and behind the fridge. Sweep fallen food particles and clutters the roaches eat. Ensure the floor is dry.

6. Disinfect the food containers with a safe cleaner to scrub bacteria and fungus from the cockroaches.

7. Clean the fridge regularly after the infestation to maintain an anti-roach environment.

2. Spread sugar and borax mixture  

Roaches love sugary substances. However, borax is toxic and kills bugs when they eat them. To kill bugs inside the fridge, use a borax and sugar mixture. Add sugar and borax to a large bowl and shake them to mix well. 

Place the bowl inside the fridge and the area roaches frequently. When the cockroaches feed on the mixture, they explode and die. You can use baking soda or boric acid with sugar instead of borax.

3. Repel the roaches

Cockroaches hate smells from certain organic oils and foods, which work perfectly to keep them away from the refrigerator. Organic repellents can be used inside the fridge since they are safe and can’t lead to food poisoning.

Peppermint oil, neem, and bay leaves are the best organic repellents suitable for keeping away roaches from inside the fridge. Spray peppermint oil inside the refrigerator. Also, place finely crushed cucumber in an aluminum tin and put it inside the refrigerator to repel roaches.

4. Spread boric acid or insecticidal dust around the fridge

Boric acid kills cockroaches by drying their skeletons when it contacts them. Spread boric acid around the refrigerator to kill roaches likely to come inside.

Insecticidal dust works similarly to boric acid to kill roaches around the fridge or motor compartment. Since they are chemicals, please don’t apply them in the refrigerator to avoid intoxicating the food.

Spread insecticidal dust around and beneath the refrigerator to dry the roaches’ skeleton on contact. Remove the dust and replace it with new powder daily. Insecticidal dust and borax take up to two weeks to remove the cockroaches entirely. You must be patient when using them.

5. Place baits near the fridge

Baits work by alluring roaches. They contain poison and have a sweet scent that attracts cockroaches to come and feed on them. Roaches ingest the poison from the bait and go back to their population. Later, they die and spread the poison to the other cockroaches that feed on them.

Place baits under and around the refrigerator or in the motor. The roaches that eat them would die. Position the baits in the remaining kitchen parts to control the cockroaches in those areas.

6. Trap the roaches

Traps capture and kill roaches that come into contact with them. Place them strategically on areas around the fridge. Any bug that comes around would be trapped and killed.

Alternatively, you can use glue traps that work by sticking the roach on the glue surface but not killing them. You are to dispose of the trapped bugs and use a new glue trap to capture some more until you no longer find cockroaches trapped in them.

7. Seal the entry points

Another trick to prevent roaches from entering the fridge or your home is closing the entry points. Seal electrical outlets of the fridge  1/8 inch or broader using caulking to block the cockroaches from entering. 

Caulk crevices and cracks in the walls behind and floors under the fridge. Check for any openings in the walls of your home wider than 1/8 inch and seal them.

Can roaches damage a refrigerator motor?

Roaches are most attracted to the motor compartment of the refrigerator because of the warmth in that area. They hide in the motor and occasionally enter the fridge to eat food and return. Roach infestation in the motor parts can significantly damage the fridge’s cooling system.

Cockroaches spread their droppings resembling coffee grounds, throughout the motor compartment. The droppings stick on the wires and surfaces of the motor components. Since these droppings are pretty sticky, they require professional help to remove.

Check for and remove cockroaches from the motor compartment to prevent further damage to your fridge’s cooling system. Avoid using liquid anti- roach solutions or insect-killing solutions in the motor, as the liquid can significantly damage the motor parts. Here are ways to remove roaches safely from the engine.

1. Apply insecticidal dust

Insecticidal dust has borax that dries the roaches’ skeletons when it contacts them. Pour some dust under the fridge where the motor is and around the refrigerator. When roaches’ shells touch the dust, the product gradually dries their skeletons and kills them.

Replace the dusting powder daily with fresh ones until all the roaches have died.

2. Use baits

Baits have a sweet scent that allures the roaches to come and feed on them but kills them when they ingest its poison. Place baits under the fridge to attract the bugs, which would feed on them and return to their colony in the motor compartment. The bugs later die and poison the other cockroaches that feed on their dead bodies.

3. Spread sugar mixed with baking soda

Roaches are easily attracted to sugary substances. Meanwhile, baking soda is toxic, and when intruders ingest them, they explode and die. Sugar and baking soda mixture traps and kills the roaches.

Add some baking soda and sugar to a bowl and place it underneath the fridge. The roaches would be attracted to eat the sugar and explode from poisoning caused by the baking soda.

Place traps

Glue traps stick the roaches firmly, after which you dispose of them and set a new trap. Place some glue traps on paper and put them under the motor compartment.

Alternatively, use non- glue traps, which capture and kill the roaches that step on them.

How to keep roaches out of a refrigerator

Keeping roaches out of a refrigerator is the next thing you should do after removing the roach infestation. Pick the below hacks to prevent bug reinfestation from your fridge.

4. Spread boric acid around the fridge

Apply boric acid underneath and around the fridge to trap any roach that might want to enter the refrigerator or the motor compartment.

5. Spray organic repellents inside the fridge

Organic repellents are safe and effective in driving away roaches from entering the fridge. They have strong scents bugs hate and would keep away when they smell them. Spray peppermint oil inside the fridge or spread bay leaves, neem, and crushed cucumber to keep roaches away.

 5. Close the fridge door always

Leaving the fridge door open provides an entryway to the roaches. To keep the invaders away, close the fridge door tightly after use. If they are worn out, seal them and caulk outlets wider than 1/8 inches.

6. Store foods in containers with lids

Open foodstuff spreads scents that attract roaches to the fridge. Use containers with tight lids to store foods before keeping them inside the refrigerator to contain the smell. Storing foods in sealed containers is also hygienic and prevents food poisoning.

7. Keep the fridge clean always

Cleaning the fridge regularly plays a significant role in curbing roach infestation. Roaches are attracted to dirty surfaces, and if your fridge is messy, they invade it.

Wipe the fridge’s inside daily to remove any food that spills on them. Use clean containers to store food.

Can you spray raid under a refrigerator?

It’s advisable to avoid insecticides and pesticides when removing roaches under the fridge. Aerosol sprays are highly flammable, and applying them under the refrigerator where the motor is located can spark a fire if the spray is not spread as directed.

Instead of sprays, use safer options such as baits, traps, and borax underneath the fridge to kill the roaches. If you have to spray move the refrigerator away, then find the roach nests and spray them.

How do roaches get into a refrigerator?

Roaches are attracted to dark, warm, humid, and damp places. Your fridge contains foods that attract cockroaches that enter through the following ways:

  1. They pass through old seals which are worn out on the fridge door
  2. When you leave the fridge door open
  3. Through loose metal plates
  4. Outlets wider than 1/8 inch
  5. Crevices and cracks in the outer shell

Where do roaches hide in the refrigerator?

Roaches often hide in the motor compartment and underneath the freezers. In most cases, they will look for warm areas. Note that as the refrigerator is running, it is warm on the outside while the interior is being cooled. 

If there are open gaps that roaches can use to access the interior, they will hide on the exterior and access the refrigerator only when they are hungry. This is why it is important to fix any gaps in and around an old refrigerator so that bugs like roaches cannot access the food in it.

Roaches are very smart and they can even play dead so that you can sweep them. Once they are out in the trash they will choose to come back in the house or stay out. As long as they have something to eat, they will always reproduce.