Roach Getting in Car? How To Kick Them Out!

Dealing with a roach getting in car can be more than just a simple nuisance; it’s an indication of a lurking problem.  

Dive into our comprehensive guide to understand why these pests target your car and, more importantly, how to get rid of roaches in car naturally. 

roach getting in car
Roach Getting in Car? How To Kick Them Out!

How Roaches get in your car?


Roaches can hide in backpack creases.

We often toss backpacks on seats and roaches hitchhike from home to car. Kids can also bring them from school if they pile their packs.

To prevent roaches in packs, use simple ones with no creases. Complex ones with many pockets can carry more roaches. Bright ones can also help you see any roaches on them.


Roaches can stick to dirty groceries from the market.

They can fall off in your car and breed if they find food.

Check your groceries before bagging them.

If they are not clean, seal them in a bag. This stops roaches from getting into your car. Wash them well before storing them to prevent infestation.

Hand bags and suitcases

Roaches can get into your bag from the house.

Handbags and suitcases can carry roaches to your car and infest it.

Watch out for the bags that you use for food.

They can bring roaches to your car. If you can, change your bag often. If not, check or wash them if possible.


Can roaches travel on your clothes?

Baby roaches often hide in clothes’ folds and may start moving when you settle.

While adult roaches are less likely to stay on your body, they prefer to hide in folded clothes inside suitcases or drawers.

These pests are drawn to warm and moist places and tend to avoid open areas.

Be cautious, as roaches can potentially enter your car along with folded clothes from infested houses.

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Roaches hide in yard sale boxes from infested or dark places.

They avoid light and like boxes’ warmth and moisture.

They can infest your car with these boxes.

Scan them before loading to prevent bugs.

Transporting infested plants

Watch out for cockroaches in potted plants, as they may hide there and eventually find their way into your car.

Before purchasing plants, inspect the leaves and soil for any signs of cockroaches and their eggs.

Tilt wide leaves and turn the soil to check for infestations

How To Get Rid of roaches in Your Car Naturally?

If roaches have gotten into your car and there is an infestation, the first step is to do a detailed vacuuming.

Remove and wash all the seats, carpets, and seat covers.

Check the seat joints and under them since those are their major hiding places.

If possible, remove the seats and wash them thoroughly.

Don’t eat in the car

Stop eating in car if roaches are there. No food makes them leave or die.

Clean seats and remove packs or cans. Roaches will eat empty packs.

Inspect Your Car 

Once you notice a roach in your car, it’s crucial to initiate an inspection.

This will reveal their hideouts and the type of roach you’re dealing with.

Check places such as under the seats, floor mats, glove compartment, trunk, and even the engine block.

Remember, the presence of roaches is often revealed by distinctive odors, egg casings, feces, and dead roaches. 

Clean Your Car

Roaches are scavengers, seeking food from spilled drinks, crumbs, cosmetics, and other organic materials.

To discourage their stay, declutter and clean your car.

Vacuum to remove food particles, paying particular attention to gaps and crevices.

Afterward, wash both the interior and exterior using warm, soapy water.

For a thorough clean, consider car detailing.

Maintaining a pristine car environment will keep roaches at bay. 

roach getting in car
Vacuum to remove food particles, paying particular attention to gaps and crevices.

Use Organic Diatomaceous Earth 

Diatomaceous earth is a natural and safe solution.

It kills roaches by damaging their protective exoskeleton.

Sprinkle it in areas you’ve noticed roaches, ensuring it’s thinly spread.

With patience, you should see a decrease in the roach population within about two weeks. 

Use Boric Acid 

Boric acid is another affordable and natural solution.

Create a dough using boric acid, sugar, and flour and place bits of it in cockroach hotspots.

Upon consumption, it disrupts their digestive and nervous systems.

Alternatively, sprinkle boric acid powder, and as roaches move through it, they’ll ingest the deadly compound, usually perishing within 72 hours. 

roach getting in car
Boric acid is another affordable and natural solution.


Borax, like boric acid, offers a potent solution.

You can dust your car lightly with it or create a bait mixing borax and sugar.

Another lethal combination is borax and baking soda, which causes excessive gas in roaches.

Combined with foods like cocoa powder, egg yolks, or peanut butter, it becomes an irresistible yet fatal treat. 

roach getting in car
Borax, like boric acid, offers a potent solution.

Seal Your Car

Air vents are another common entry point.

These openings are like highways for cockroach getting into car to venture in and establish residency.

Likewise, an open window serves as an all-access pass for these unwanted guests. 

Make it a habit to close all air vents and windows when your car is not in use.

This simple action substantially reduces their entry points, and thus, your chances of dealing with an infestation. 

Additionally, thoroughly inspect your vehicle for any cracks or fissures that could act as entry points for roaches. Once identified, take prompt action to repair these openings. 

Clean Your Garage

Your garage could be the primary source of the infestation.

A cleaned car means little if roaches can just crawl back in from the garage.

Declutter the space, seal cracks, and ensure no leaks can provide a water source.

If you usually park in a driveway, make sure to clear the surrounding areas of potential roach hideouts. 

Set Traps and Baits 

Commercial traps, particularly glue traps, can be useful.

Place them where the roach activity is highest.

Combined with bait stations, they can provide a double blow to roach populations.

The baits attract roaches, poisoning them upon consumption.

Those feeding on the poisoned roaches also meet their demise, ensuring a significant reduction in their numbers. 

Use the car AC

If you have a problem with roaches in your car, you may wonder do roaches like air conditioning.

The answer is no, they do not.

Roaches can not survive in extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold.

They need temperatures that range from 77°F to 86°F to survive and lay eggs.

Therefore, you can use your car air conditioner to get roaches out of your car.

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Natural repellents

If you have a roach-infested car, you can use natural repellents that are safe and effective.

One of them is using essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, or citrus, which have natural scents that roaches dislike.

You can mix 10 drops of lavender with 1/2 cup of warm water in a spray bottle and spray it on the seats, doors, and carpets.

Lavender will repel the roaches and leave your car with a fresh relaxing scent.

Another method is using bay leaves for cockroaches, which produce a smell that roaches find irritating or offensive.

You can leave some whole bay leaves in the trunk, where roaches may hide or enter.

These natural methods will help you get rid of roaches in your car without harming your health or the environment.

roach getting in car
If you have a roach-infested car, you can use natural repellents that are safe and effective.

How Long Does It Take To Get Roaches Out of Car?

Addressing roaches in your vehicle isn’t always a straightforward process.

The timeline largely hinges on both the treatment method chosen and the root cause of the infestation.  

Cross-infestations, where roaches migrate from a neighboring infested area like your garage, can be more challenging to address.

Even if you manage to eliminate the roaches within your car, they could keep coming back if the primary source isn’t dealt with. 

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Having a roach getting in car can be an unsettling experience, but with the right measures, you can make your vehicle a roach-free zone. 

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