Do Roaches Like Air Conditioning? Why AC Attract Roaches

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Do roaches like air conditioning?”, you’re in the right spot.

Join us as we explore the secret habits of roaches, revealing why they’re attracted to air conditioners and the potential problems they can cause.

do roaches like air conditioning
Do Roaches Like Air Conditioning? Why AC Attract Roaches

Do Roaches Like Air Conditioning? 

Air conditioners serve as an idyllic haven for cockroaches of all types. Once nestled within the nooks and crannies, these critters rarely vacate. Why? Because: 

  • Humans seldom dismantle a functional AC unit to look for them. 
  • These agile insects need but a minuscule space within the AC to establish their lair. 
  • The unit offers easy ingress and egress, facilitating food foraging. 
  • A protective environment for roach eggs and larvae allows the population to proliferate. 
  • The AC unit is mostly free from natural predators like cats or birds. 

All things considered, an AC unit might just be a roach’s paradise.

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do roaches like air conditioning
Once nestled within the nooks and crannies, these critters rarely vacate

Why Air Conditioners Attract Roaches?

Finding roaches in air conditioners or ducts is not an uncommon scenario.

These spots become an ideal living space for roaches in both standalone AC units and comprehensive HVAC systems. 

do roaches like air conditioning
Finding roaches in air conditioners or ducts is not an uncommon scenario.


Roaches require water to survive.

Your air conditioner, depending on its model, might just serve as a reliable water source.

This is particularly true for Oriental cockroaches, which have a penchant for residing close to standing water.

These areas quickly become infested and a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Evaporative coolers commonly accumulate water at the base, allowing ambient air to circulate over the water for cooling.

However, contemporary AC units utilize condensate rather than standing water to cool your room.

This condensate is safely evacuated from your home via a condensate line, leaving roaches high and dry. 


In addition to moisture, roaches are enthusiasts of dark, concealed spaces.

The interior architecture of an AC unit is nothing short of a sanctuary for them.

The units are usually tucked away in closets, isolated corners, or attics, which means minimal human interaction.

Thermostat-controlled units further add to this advantage, allowing roaches to exist and multiply in peace. 


Roaches don’t have to venture far for food if the AC unit is near a kitchen or bathroom.

Despite your best cleaning efforts, the tiniest particle of food can attract these critters.

AC units can even serve as unintended food storage; they can capture airborne particles, including food debris, in their filters.

Roaches are not picky eaters and will consume almost any organic materialranging from dirt and dust to hair and even their own feces. 


Contrary to what one might think, AC units can offer roaches the warm environments they thrive in. Various elements contribute to this: 

  • Electricity: The electrical components of an AC unit generate heat, making it a hotspot for roaches. This explains why you often find them in other electrical appliances like routers or game consoles. 
  • Fans: During the cooling process, the unit itself gets warm. The fans inside the AC help dissipate this heat, creating an inviting space for roaches to settle. 
  • Seasonal Activity: Roaches are generally more active during warmer months, coinciding with the period your AC unit is likely working overtime. This creates a perfect storm for a boom in the roach population. 

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Do Roaches Like Cold Air? 

No, contrary to popular belief, the cooling function of the AC doesn’t entice roaches.

In fact, they find the cold air and accompanying noise quite unappealing.

What does attract them is the structural design and the byproducts of the cooling mechanism. 

Can Cockroaches Get In Through Air Conditioning?

Window-mounted AC units can unwittingly serve as roach entrances into your home.

Even a minor gap around the unit can be an inviting pathway if not sealed properly.

Furthermore, the outdoor-facing side of the unit has vents and potential structural vulnerabilities that roaches could exploit to gain entry. 

Once inside, they can freely explore your home, leaving you with an unsettling, unwanted situation. 

How to Get rid of Roaches using an Air Conditioner?

Getting rid of roaches using an air conditioner is not a very common or effective method, but it is possible to some extent.

Roaches are attracted to warm, moist, and dark places, so they may find your air conditioner a suitable habitat.

However, you can make your air conditioner less appealing to them by following some steps:

  • Clean your air conditioner regularly and thoroughly: Remove any dust, dirt, debris, or roach droppings that may be inside or outside the unit. You can use a vacuum cleaner, a cloth, or a brush to do this.
  • Use natural ways for your air conditioner: Roaches hate strong smells, so you can spray some air fresheners or essential oils on the vents, filters, or coils of your air conditioner. Some of the scents that roaches dislike are peppermint, lavender, citrus, eucalyptus, and cedar. Besides, another natural and effective method to repel roaches from your air conditioner is to use bay leaves for cockroaches. These are fragrant herbs that roaches cannot stand. You can simply crush some bay leaves and scatter them around your air conditioner unit or vents.
  • Fix any water problems around your air conditioner: Roaches need water to survive, so they may be drawn to the condensation or leaks from your air conditioner. You can prevent this by fixing any leaks, draining any excess water, and keeping the area around your air conditioner dry.
  • Make your house cold: Roaches prefer warm temperatures, so they may avoid your air conditioner if you set it to a low temperature. You can try setting your air conditioner below 25 °C every day. This may also save you some energy costs and make you more comfortable.

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What Damage Can Roaches Do in AC Units?

Ignoring a roach infestation in your AC unit can have severe repercussions: 

  • Chewing through important wires. 
  • Nesting against filters or vents, blocking airflow. 
  • Contaminating your home’s air by shedding skin or defecating within the unit. 
  • Expanding their territory into the walls, vents, and ceilings of your home. 

It’s not just about discomfort; roaches can actually impair the functionality of your AC system. To avoid these complications, regular maintenance and sealing gaps are key.

Can air conditioning kill cockroach eggs?

Air conditioning cannot kill cockroach eggs because females lay eggs in extremely warm and hidden areas.

However, if the eggs are exposed to a constant temperature of  45-50°F, they will never develop.


In our journey to understand why roaches seem to love air conditioning units, we’ve learned a lot. From what attracts them to your AC in the first place to the kinds of problems they can create, it’s clear that these aren’t just random bugs—they’re clever intruders.

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