Pine-Sol for Bed Bugs: Does it Kill or Repel Them?

Pine-sole is a cleaning agent that contains benzoic acid, sodium salts, alcohol, and pine oil. Bed bugs cannot survive if they drown in a pure Pine-sole solution. If you have to dilute it, ensure it is done in moderation.

Pine-sol kills bed bugs if sprayed in large quantities because it destroys their exoskeleton. It will also deter bugs thanks to its strong alcoholic smell. Practically, Pine-sol is better at repelling bed bugs.

Spraying Pine-sol solution to kill bed bugs may not be effective due to the fact that it repels them instantly. Apart from the fact that they will avoid it, bed bugs also have a waxy protective layer that keeps liquids off. This is why you have to spray in large quantities.

pine sol kill bedbugs

Does Pine-sol kill bed bugs?

Pine-sol can kill bed bugs, but only if you manage to drown them in it. This means that you really have to use or spray a lot of it, which is why it is said to be less effective. Using it in large quantities will only lead to wastage and high expenses.

So as much as it can kill them, using Pine-sol for bed bugs is a very expensive way of eliminating them. There are cheaper and more effective ways of eliminating them. It is better to use chemicals formulated specifically for killing bed bugs.

It has been observed that anything like Pine-sol that repels bedbugs is ineffective in killing them because they will avoid it. They will not wait for you to spray it in large quantities unless you trap them and drown them in it.

Can Pine-sol kill bed bug eggs?

If used correctly, Pine-sol can kill bed eggs, which will take a maximum of 1 day. The trick here is to make sure you spray it directly on them so that they are in contact with it. Bed bug eggs can survive underwater for 2 days if the water is at room temperature.

To kill bed bug eggs using Pine-sol, mix 1/2 cup of Pine-sol with 1 cup of hot water and spray it directly on them. For best results, ensure the eggs are completely covered with the solution.

Using cold water and Pine-sol for bed bug eggs will not work efficiently, and this will take up to 3 days to kill the eggs. That is a very long time to wait because everyone wants a fast solution that will not waste their time and resources.

Hot water helps in killing bed bugs fast, and it is also suitable for the stains left behind. Bugs always tend to leave behind stubborn stains. Hot water combined with pine sol can help in dissolving those.

How to kill bed bugs with Pine-sol

Mix 1/4 of Pine-sol with 1/2 cup of hot distilled water to make a strong solution, then spray it on bedbugs to kill them. If you want to get rid of them fast, ensure they are well spread on them to destroy their protective layer and dehydrate them.

After killing them, you need to prevent them from coming back. To repel bedbugs, make another Pine-sol solution as explained above and put it in a spray bottle. Then generously spray it on areas where you know they hide.

You can also use Pine-sole to get rid of bed bugs on walls. Ensure you squeeze enough into any cracks and holes in the walls and let it settle. Another advantage is that the solution will also remove stains on your walls.

  • Another advantage of using Pine-sol for bed bugs on walls is that it will remove the stains and marks left behind by bed bugs. Bed bugs will always live in dirt and debris that are dark and ugly to look at.

You can also use Pine-sol pre-diluted products to clean bed bug stains on your mattress. Bed bugs will always leave ugly marks and stains on your mattress that will need a strong detergent to remove.

This will help keep bed bugs from returning to your mattress, kill any remaining and leave your mattress clean and free from bed bug stains.

However, do not soak your mattress with the solution. Just spay it on the cracks and the holes. If you remove the dirt left behind, use Pine-sol on the exact spots and ensure you scrub well to remove the stains.

Pine-sol for bedbugs on wooden floor

Sometimes, bed bugs can hide on wooden floors, and getting rid of them can be easy if you use Pine-sol to rinse the floor after cleaning.

To kill bedbugs on wooden floors, mix 5 liters of water with 1/2 cup of Pine-sol and use this to wipe the floor after regular cleaning. This will repel and kill bedbugs hiding in the cracks because they will drown in it.

You can also use the following steps to clean wooden floors and prevent bed bugs from hiding and leaving them.

  1. Sweep the floor to remove dirt and mop it like you always do regularly
  2. Pour 5 liters of clean water into a moping bucket
  3. Add 1 cup of Pine-sol and stir to mix
  4. Use this as the final rinse

Pinesol will repel ants, bed bugs, and insects and leave your floor with a nice lemon scent. While the scent can be nice to you, it will keep bugs away at home.