Can Epsom Salt Kill Fleas?: Unveiling the Truth

If you’re looking for a natural and affordable solution to your flea problem, you’ve landed in the right place.

In this blog, we’ll unravel the age-old question, “Can Epsom Salt Kill Fleas?”

Can Epsom Salt Kill Fleas?

Epsom salt can kill fleas as it is a dehydration agent.

After suffering from water loss and fluids needed for survival from the body and the surrounding environment, fleas exposed to the salt will die.

Since the bugs themselves cover and supply a silky case for protecting eggs, apply salt periodically to increase the possibility of killing every egg.

How to kill Fleas with Epsom salt

Kill fleas with Epsom salt by simply sprinkling it around each room and on carpets. Leave the salt to settle for a few days to have a higher chance of getting longer contact with the bugs in the home. Then, vacuum your living space, and collect and dispose of the dirt in a garbage can placed outside.

Alternatively, use a mixture of baking soda and Epsom salt. Only use fresh baking soda.

The mix is much more effective than relying on sprinkling powdered salt on the areas with fleas before washing. Epsom salt and baking soda mix result in a reliable dehydrating agent for eliminating fleas, eggs, and larvae. The killing of the bugs ensures that they cannot reproduce and multiply to spread all over your space.

The formula does not also pose any danger to your pets and children. However, if your pet has wounds, avoid using the treatment since it may cause discomfort. 

Make enough Epsom salt and baking soda formula to spread throughout your home. Target your beds, carpets, upholstered furniture, pet beddings, and other potential hiding spots for fleas. Brush the surface to get the mixture down into the material on the seats.

You can also sprinkle Epson salt to kill fleas on wooden floors. Let the particles reach in between cracks and gaps on the wooden floors. The same applies to your carpet and rugs. Never leave the particles hanging on top of fibers.

Allow the natural treatment to work its magic overnight. In the morning, use a vacuum machine to clean all the areas. Vacuum cleaning allows the sucking up and collection of both dead and live fleas. 

Once vacuum cleaning is complete, take the vacuum cleaner bag or canister to dump all the dirt and debris into the waste bin. After a few days, repeat using Epsom salt and baking soda to find and kill the remaining fleas, eggs, and larvae.

Will Epsom salt kill Fleas on Carpet? 

Epsom salt will kill fleas on carpet or other surfaces like upholstered furniture. The salt has magnesium sulfate, a chemical compound vital for dehydrating and drying out fleas. 

Subsequently, here is how to use Epsom salt to eliminate fleas on your carpets and rugs.

  1. If you have small rugs on the carpet, remove and wash them with the hottest water the rug’s fabrics allow.
  2. Vacuum clean your carpet, which is essential for killing and removing flea eggs resting between the fibers.
  3. Sprinkle enough Epsom salt all over the carpet. Ensure the salt particles find their way into the areas between carpet fibers. A broom for brushing or a scrubbing brush may help push the salt where needed in the carpet for maximum results.
  4. Let the salt rest on your carpet throughout the night. Because fleas, like other bed bugs, are active at night, they will come into contact with or eat the salt, causing them to dry out and die. The salt may only be more effective in getting rid of adult fleas.
  5. Vacuum clean your space to remove the Epsom salt, dead and alive fleas, and eggs. Once it has taken a couple of days, repeat the procedure.

Will Epsom salt kill Fleas on Cats? 

Epsom salt will kill fleas on cats. Fleas require moisture to survive, and since the salt promotes drying, it dehydrates and kills them. 

Pour about a half or a full cup of Epsom salt into a basin with a gallon of water. Take your cat and bathe it inside the solution. Try protecting the cat from drinking the bathwater. 

After more than ten minutes, take the cat out of the water and do thorough rinsing with fresh water to eliminate all the salt. Then, dry the cat with a towel.

Will Epsom salt bath kill Fleas on Dogs? 

Epsom salt will kill fleas on dogs. The Epsom should not be applied in crystal form into your dog’s fur as the results may be negative. Expect serious side effects if you allow your dog to drink salt water for bathing.

Apart from killing fleas, another advantage of Epsom salt is that it can help dogs heal faster from muscle aches, wounds, and skin discomfort.

When preparing to give your dogs an Epson salt bath, see that the salt, towels, brush, and shampoo are within reach. Use shampoo and cotton swabs for cleaning the ears of your pets. Then, using a brush, remove any loose hairs or anything stuck on the coat. If the pet has a wound or a skin problem, trim and clean the affected area gently.

Pour warm water into the basin and add the right size of Epsom salt as per the directions of use. Mixing a cup of Epsom salt and a gallon of warm water will work well. The temperature level of the water should not cause any discomfort to you and your dog.

Move your dog into the salt bath. Initially, the pet may resist the bath, so try using your ability as the owner to make it feel comfortable and calm. Once the dog is relaxed in the Epsom salt bath, scoop the water a few times with a cup or a container and pour the water on the pet’s body.

Leave your dog soaking inside the salt bath for a minimum of 15 minutes. Once the soaking is enough, take him or her out to be dried with a dry towel. Rub the towel slowly against the coat’s fur until you get rid of enough moisture.


In conclusion, consult your vet without delay if you notice any problem with your pet. But, if your efforts to get rid of a flea infestation are not bearing fruits, hire a pest control expert.

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