Does Kerosene Kill Cockroaches?: How to Use it

Kerosene will repel and kill cockroaches fast especially if you spray or drown them in it. Even though it is not a popular roach solution, it is one of the best ways to clear a serious infestation.

Kerosene is deadly to cockroaches because it will irritate and burn through their delicate abdomen. Spraying kerosene directly on roaches will get you the best results if you want to kill them fast.

We both know that kerosene has a strong smell that not many people will like to have around. This is probably one of the reasons why people avoid using it to eliminate stubborn pests at home.

How to Kill Cockroaches with Kerosene

Advice: kerosene is also highly flammable and using it in large quantities can put you in great danger. This is not a good remedy for those who smoke carelessly around the house. Never burn roaches after spraying them because that may burn down your house.

How to Safely Use Kerosene to Repel & Kill Cockroaches

If you are going to choose kerosene for repelling and killing cockroaches, do not use it in the evening especially in a house that you intend to sleep in.

You also need to use it in very small drops and consider being specific. You do not want to go spraying the whole house with kerosene even in areas where there are no roaches.

Identify and keep your target locked before you aim for it. Here is how to use kerosene to get rid of roaches at home;

  1. Take time to first identify where the cockroaches hide at home
  2. Get a clean dry hand spray and pour some kerosene in it
  3. Ensure there is nothing that can start a fire around and have some gloves on
  4. Spay the kerosene directly on the infected area in small quantities
  5. Sit back, wait for them to die before you sweep them out
  6. You may also want to do this when you want to travel for 1 or 2 days for better results
  7. This will help the kerosene smell settle long enough for the roaches to run away

How to get rid of kerosene smell after using it for roaches

After finishing the above steps, the next step will help you in getting rid of the kerosene smell in the areas that you have sprayed in on:

  1. Ensure you do this in the morning so that you have the whole day for aeration
  2. Get 3 cups of hot water
  3. Get one cup of household ammonia
  4. One cup of White Vinegar
  5. One cup of washing soda
  6. Add all this in a clean container and stir to mix
  7. Get a clean piece of cotton cloth and soak it in the solution
  8. Use this to clean the area generously so that the smell of kerosene is gone
  9. The smell of vinegar combined with baking soda will also help in repelling any roaches that may want to come back
  10. Leave the windows open and doors so that the room is well aerated and free from the fumes

You may also get rid of the kerosene smell from your hands by simply rubbing a little baking soda then add a few drops of vinegar together in your hands. You can then let this settle for about 15-20 minutes before you wash with soap and water.  

Can Kerosene kill cockroach eggs?

Yes, Kerosene will kill roaches and their eggs if you break the eggs open and shower them directly with it.

You may need to identify the exact location of the eggs and then smash them open while spraying. To have kerosene effective in killing cockroach eggs, you will have to use something hard to break open the egg case.

This is because the egg case is made of a hardened layer of proteins and when you spray kerosene over it, it will be not effective enough to kill the eggs which are on the inside.

Kerosene will eliminate the contents of the eggs and render any unborn roaches lifeless on the spot. What you see is always an egg case and inside it may have up to 40 eggs inside.

There is also way that you can use kerosene to get rid of cockroaches permanently. This is by making a special spray with kerosene serving as the main active ingredient. You will have to mix methanol and peppermint oil so as to achieve this.

This should be done in very small portions because all those are flammable and may harm you. You also want to keep the solution away from your household including your young ones.

Kerosene for cockroach down the drain

Yes, kerosene is a good way of getting rid of cockroaches down the rain because it has a smell that does not disappear easily. The smell will, therefore, repel roaches down the drain.

However, just like bleach will kill cockroaches when they come into direct contact with it, kerosene will also have the same effect on roaches down the drain. If any of those are poured on a roach that is playing dead, they will move instantly.

It is therefore considered to be very efficient especially if you just flush like a cup or two down the drain. Kerosene is also perfect to use will killing cockroach down the drain because it is not corrosive to metals and pipes that may be used to make the drainage pipes.

This is why it may be better to use this as compared to bleach which may react to metallic drainage pipes. We do not want to use lots of it because it may be too much and we do not want that to happen because of the obvious flammable side effects.

Kerosene is labeled under waste that is hazardous and it is always advisable never to pour lots of this down the drain. It is also much better if you would let the kerosene settle down your drain to get rid of roaches for 1 or 2 days.

After that, you may want to neutralize it by pouring a solution of baking soda. This is as simple as mixing some baking powder and flushing it down the drain.

You may only do this in case you realized that you have overused kerosene down your drain. Baking soda will help in calming down the strong smell of kerosene.

However, remember to use as little kerosene as possible to get rid of roaches down the drain so as to stay safe because we are not trying to get rid of you in this case. Avoid using kerosene for roaches in coffee makers or any kitchen appliances because the smell will remain in them.