Cockroach in Bathtub + How to Remove Them

Roaches can live in bathtub drains because it is consonantly moist, warm, and dump. However, this depends on the kind of shampoo used in the tub. Some shampoos make a strong soapy solution when mixed with water that can kill roaches in the tub’s drain.

The major cause of roaches in the tub is dirt and grime in the drain. They can live in drains and crawl up when there is less activity. However, roaches tend to live in bathtub drains if it is rarely used. Those bugs hate disturbance and tubs that are constantly used have a constant water flow that rattles them.

Can roaches come up the bathtub drain but most of them will not manage to get out of the tub if it is new and slippery. They pop and walk on the tub’s base while looking for food. Note that if the bathtub is old with a rough surface, they can manage to climb out and infest other areas at home.

Roaches in bathtub
Roaches in bathtub

How to get rid of roaches in bathtub

Some shampoos are combined with a strong scent and high detergent effects that can kill and repel roaches. After you are done soaking, add 1/2 cup of dawn dish soap to it. Then let the water run through the bathtub drain to kill all the bugs in it.

In most cases, your bathtub drainage is connected to the toilet one which all rolls down to the main sewer. Roaches come up with the bathtub drains and other shower outlets in the house when they are overpopulated in the sewer. Infestation in the sewer is never realized until they can no longer fit down there.

1. Let used water down the drain after a bath

How you empty your tub after use can encourage or discourage roaches in it. There are those who scoop the water in large buckets so that they can use it elsewhere. Doing this keeps bugs in your drain because there is always minimal water flow in it.

It is important to just let the water run down the bathtub drains at least 1 or 2 times a day. Before you do that, note that soapy water kills cockroaches. Add a handful of powdered soap or 4 ounces of liquid soap to the water before you flush it down.

2. Clean the tub after use

Keep the bathroom clean and avoid spilled toothpaste and water on the tub’s edge after brushing. Those who brush while soaking should know that roaches can eat toothpaste spit around the tub or that which is left on a brush. This can be part of what they feed on when they live in your bathtub.

Avoid brushing while soaking or if you have to do so, do not spit in the tub or around it. Toothpaste washed down the drain can attract roaches into your bathtub. If you see roaches crawling in your tub, never use it before cleaning since bugs from the drains are full of infections that irritate your skin.

3. Keep food and drinks away

Some people carry drinks to the bathtub edge when they plan on staying in it for long. Sweet drinks and any snack around the tub is a sure cockroach invitation. In the long run, you end up spilling them into the tab and the particles are washed into the drain for them to eat.

Avoid eating lots of snacks while soaking or if you have to do so, find a way of keeping the particles away. Any spilled drinks should be moped and wiped with soap and water. Even the traces and scent are enough to attract roaches.

4. Drainage lid

An easy way to keep roaches from climbing up the bathtub drain is to get a fitting drain lid. After using the tub, cover the drain opening. To get rid of cockroaches in the bathroom, clean it to get rid of roaches and other bugs in general. Bugs from the toilet bowl or other areas can end up in the tub especially when they are thirsty.

During the hot seasons, baby roaches are common in bathtubs because the female lay eggs in moist places. The young ones need to stay moist and hydrated since their outer cells are still weak and can be easily dehydrated. After the eggs are hatched in the drains, you find them crawling on the bathtub, especially at night.

What to pour down the bathtub drain

After washing the bathtub and all the areas around it, combine 10 ounces of dawn dish soap with 20 ounces of hot water at 167°F or above. Then pour the mixture down the bathroom drain to kill roaches at all stages. This also keeps the drain clean and free from the bad odors that can attract other insects.

You can also pour 5 ounces of baking soda into the bathtub drain and let it settle for 15 minutes. After that, add 4 ounces of white vinegar into a bucket of 5 liters of hot water. Then flush this down the drain to kill all the insects in it. This will also wash the drainage pipes and keep them free from roaches and bugs like bathroom springtails.

Another simple hack is to pour hot water down your bathtub drain. Hot water burns cockroaches to death and this can also destroy their eggs. Fortunately, you can first pour any detergent into the drain before flushing hot water into it. Just a handful is always enough since too much detergent down a drain may not be safe.

You may pour bleach roaches down the drain but this should be properly diluted with distilled water. For example, 1/2 cup of bleach should be diluted with at least 2 cups of water. This is because straight bleach can destroy your pipes and even react with other chemicals down the drain.

Bleach should also not be mixed with hydrogen peroxide because this can cause a violent reaction down the drain. When using hydrogen peroxide for roaches, just use it without mixing it with other compounds. Be careful when pouring anything into your drains because some reactions may produce dangerous fumes.


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