Does Ammonia Kill Roaches? Unmasking the Truth

Ever asked yourself, “Does Ammonia kill roaches?

Keep reading to find out the answer, along with practical tips to finally rid your home of these unwelcome visitors. 

does ammonia kill roaches

1. Does Ammonia Kill Roaches?

Yes, ammonia can kill roaches, but only if it’s sprayed on them directly. Ammonia can also repel roaches by adding it to warm water and mopping the floors with it.

However, ammonia is not very effective if you are simply applying it around your home without direct contact with the roaches. You need to mix ammonia with a balanced amount of water and pour it into a spray bottle.

2. How to Use Ammonia To Kill Roaches

To use the ammonia spray against roaches:

  1. Prioritize safety by wearing a mask, gloves, and goggles to shield yourself from potential toxic fumes, regardless of whether you’re using standard household ammonia or the pure form.

  2. Adjust the spray bottle nozzle to the narrow setting, ensuring a concentrated and forceful stream.

  3. Direct the ammonia spray at individual cockroaches consistently until they are thoroughly saturated.

  4. Opt for a quick and efficient cleanup process for any deceased roaches, and dispose of their bodies as far away from your residence as possible.

does ammonia kill roaches
How to Use Ammonia To Kill Roaches

3. How does Ammonia kill Roaches? 

Ammonia, whether in its pure form or as the household variety, has proven to be an effective adversary against roaches.

Pure ammonia is stronger than household ammonia and proves more effective against roaches.

Its concentrated nature works by breaking down the roaches’ exoskeleton when directly sprayed.

This chemical action irritates their small breathing pores, significantly impacting their respiratory system and ultimately causing suffocation.

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does ammonia kill roaches

4. Notes when using Ammonia to kill cockroaches at home

Pure ammonia poses risks, particularly in enclosed spaces, causing breathing issues and skin irritation, especially at night. Exercise caution and opt for diluted ammonia for safety.

While ammonia is generally safe for laundry, avoid mixing it with stain removers like bleach, as it may lead to harmful reactions. Be cautious with reactive chemicals in detergents, especially on wool or natural silk, as ammonia can be corrosive.

When using ammonia in the washing machine, add it to the drum before clothes and water. Prefer mild, bleach-free detergents. Refrain from washing towels or heavy sweaters with ammonia, as it can damage them.

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5. Can Ammonia Eliminate Roach Infestations Entirely?

While it’s true that pure ammonia has a formidable effect on roaches, one must tread with caution.

Its potent nature can pose dangers if not used responsibly. Pour ammonia down drain for roaches if you suspect they are coming from there, but ensure you follow safety precautions.

Thankfully, a diluted ammonia solution can also serve as an effective tool against roach infestations. 

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does ammonia kill roaches
Can Ammonia Eliminate Roach Infestations Entirely?


In conclusion, the pressing question, “Does ammonia kill roaches?”, finds its affirmative answer within the depth of this blog. Ammonia, both in its household and pure form, presents a potent solution against roaches, targeting adults and their offspring.

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