How Do Roaches Get in Your Car? Get Them Out!

There are several ways roaches can use to get into your car but the main one is the transpiration of infested items. An infestation is a sign that they are also in your house. Getting rid of one or two roaches is a simple task but controlling a colony can be a challenge.

Roaches in clothes, bags, or boxes can be easily left in your car. To get them out, take the car for a thorough internal wash. Keep food away and use natural repellents like bay leaves spray to stop cockroaches from getting into your car.    

It is not practical to say that roaches can fly into your car. The chances of this happening are almost zero because flying roaches live in trees. They are also attracted to light and moving or stalled vehicles is the last thing that can attract them.

How Do Roaches Get in Your Car?
How roaches get in cars

How roaches get in your car

Garage sales consist of unused items that have been kept for some time and the chances that they have roaches are very high. Transporting those goods in your car increases the chances of inviting bugs into your car. Here are practical ways of how cockroaches can get in your car:

1. Backpacks

Cockroaches in your house can easily hide in backpack folds. We all have a habit of throwing any backpack on seats and that is how roaches will get into your car from an infested house. You kids can also bring them especially when they keep their packs in one place at school.

One simple measure to avoid carrying roaches in those packs is to get the plain ones with no folds. The ones with several pockets and complex folds can easily become bug couriers. You can also use those with bright colors since it will be easy to spot any hidden pests on them.

2. Groceries

Dirty groceries that are poorly maintained at the market may have baby roaches clinging to them. When you bring those to your car, those little bugs may be dropped on your mats or seats. Those will then hide and start breeding especially if they can find food in there.

Try and check where and how you bag your groceries from the market. If you are uncertain about their cleanness, wrap them in a sealed bag. This helps in preventing any roaches or bugs from falling into your car. Ensure you wash them well before storage to avoid an infestation.

3. Hand bags and suitcases

If there are cockroaches in the house, they can easily stumble in your bag. Ladies’ handbags and suitcases can easily have roaches in them. Taking those to your car is one of the easiest ways to leave it with an infestation.

Be keen on the bags that you always use to carry food because those are a sure way of getting roaches into a car. If possible, do not youse the same bag every day. If you lack options, you can either check them or wash them if that will not cause any damage.

4. Clothes

Baby roaches can easily hide in your clothes right at the folds. They will stay calm until you are settled before they start moving. Adult cockroaches are sensitive and It is rare to find them in any clothing in your body. They will always flee the moment you put your clothes on.

However, adult roaches hide in folded clothes in your suitcase or drawers. They always like it warm and moist. They never hide in open areas that can easily expose them to predators and dangers. Roaches can get into your car when you take piles of folded clothes from an infested house.

5. Boxes

Cockroaches can hide in yard sale boxes and get into your car if they were kept in an infested store. The same scenario applies to any boxes that you have removed from a dark place in your house. Cockroaches do not like light and they will always hide in boxes that are kept for some time.

Boxes provide warmth and moisture that roaches can live and lay eggs in. Taking those to your car can easily leave you with an infested ride. You need to scan through them before you load them in your car to avoid tagging any bugs along.

6. Transporting infested plants

It is possible for roaches to hide in potted plants and you may carry them to your car through those. They will come down and settle on the seats. When buying potted plants for your house, you need to check them for roaches. Check the leaves right at the joints.

Plants with wide leaves provide a good hiding shade under them. Tilt the leaves one by one and look for any signs of an infestation.  They can also hide in the soil just above the pot. Check for their eggs and turn the sol to see if there are any adult or young roaches hiding in it before taking it to the car.

How to get roaches out of your car naturally

If roaches have gotten into your car and there is an infestation, the first step is to do a detailed vacuuming. Remove and wash all the seats, carpets, and seat covers. Check the seat joints and under them since those are their major hiding places. If possible, remove the seats and wash them thoroughly.

1. Don’t eat in the car

Avoid eating in the car for some time after you have noticed a roach in there. This will help in controlling an infestation because they need to eat. Without food, cockroaches will get out of your car on their own. They will either die or find any space to get off when you are packed.

Remove any food particles in the seats and ensure there is nothing they can eat in the vehicle. After taking your snacks, do not leave the backs or cans inside the vehicle. Roaches are good at finding food and they will leak on those empty packs for survival.

2. Inspect what you bring into the car

The only way to succeed in keeping roaches from your car is to check anything and everything you bring with you. Always inspect the major carriers like clothes, bags, and kids’ toys. This should be often done especially if you know that your house is infested.

Ensure there are no roaches in handbags and shake them off any plants that you take with you. This should be done regularly after the car has been disinfected until you confirm that the car is free from roach infestation.

If there is an infestation in the house, roaches may hide in clothes and you may easily bring them into the car. You can use ammonia for roaches in clothes by adding it to the final rinse. This will remove stains and repel bugs in them.

3. Use the car AC

You can use your car air conditioner to get roaches out of your car. Roaches can not survive in a hot car or a cold one for a long time. They need temperatures that range from 77°F to 86°F to survive and lay eggs.

You can get everyone out of the car after parking and run the AC higher than 86°F or lower than 77°F for 1-2 hours to kill roaches. For perfect results, roll all the windows up so that the hot or cold air is well circulated in the car.

Female roaches cannot lay eggs when it is extra cold or hot and they can never stay in your car if the temperatures are often regulated. Leaving your car in the sun with windows closed for 6-7 hours on a hot day can also help in killing any roaches in there.

4. Natural repellents

You can also use natural essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, or citrus to get roaches out of a car. Those are safe because they contain natural scents that will keep roaches away. You can also leave some whole bay leaves in the car trunk to deter roaches.

Lavender is one of the popular natural roach repellents to use in a roach-infested car. Mix 10 drops of lavender with 1/2 cup of warm water in a spray bottle and spread it on the infested areas. This includes the seats, doors, and carpets. Lavender will repel the roaches and leave your car with a fresh relaxing scent.

Can you bomb your car for roaches?

You can bomb your car for roaches but it will not do much if you intend to get bugs out. This is because the chemicals will not get to the main areas where the cockroaches are hiding. The ingredients may also be toxic to pets and kids. The car should never be used for at least 3 days in case you have to bomb the bugs out.

It is not advisable bombing your car just because it is infested with roaches. This will only come with more disadvantages and add more problems to the one you already have. Bug bombs or insect foggers are loaded with pyrethrin which can cause irritation if it comes into contact with you.

Bug car bombs can also leave tough stains on your car seats, roof, and doors. Any surface that is made of fabric can be discolored and you will end up with more damage. Even if you find it okay to use floggers in a roach-infested car, you will be forced to keep away from it for 3-4 days.

Another reason why you should avoid bombing a car for bugs or roach bombs in a house is that there are those that are highly flammable. This can burn down the whole car, especially if used on a hot day when the temperatures are already high.