Can Bed Bugs Go in Your Private Parts? Facts & Myths Unveiled

Are you worried about the possibility of bed bugs go in your private parts?

Read on to discover how to protect yourself and your private parts from these nasty pests.

can bed bugs go in your private parts
Can Bed Bugs Go in Your Private Parts? Facts & Myths Unveiled

Can Bed Bugs go in your Private Parts?

Rest assured, bed bugs have absolutely no interest in going inside your private parts, and there haven’t been any credible cases of this happening. 

The main reason behind their avoidance is that bed bugs don’t reside on human bodies. 

Their preference is to emerge from their hiding spots, like your mattress, take a bite, and then depart. Bed bugs usually target the nearest patch of exposed skin for their bites. 

Rest assured, these tiny pests have no interest in your private areas. Your skin is simply a quick pit stop for them before they move along. 

can bed bugs go in your private parts
Rest assured, bed bugs have absolutely no interest in going inside your private parts

Reasons why Bed Bugs cannot get in your Private Parts

Here are some reasons why bed bugs cannot survive in you:

High pH levels

It has been observed that vaginal pH can get up to 4.5 which is enough to deter bed bugs.

Those bugs hide in dark warm areas, but they do not thrive if the natural airflow is altered.


Even if they try to get in, the natural fluids in the private parts will deter them since they are acidic. The fluids produced include lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

Those can even kill bed bugs depending on the exposure duration and the amount produced.


Lady’s private parts natural remain warm throughout the day, and bed bugs cannot live in such an environment.

Bugs will always avoid the private area due to the high temperatures caused by internal and external factors.

Tight undergarments that constantly rub on those areas cause extra heat, and the sweat that is natural salt can also deter bugs.

This will keep them from those areas, and getting in is the last thing bed bugs can do, especially during the day.

Air circulation

Bed bugs cannot live in your privates for more than 30 minutes because of acidic fluids suffocation.


During those days of the month, assuming that period blood attracts bed bugs is a myth.

This cannot happen because your menses are full of waste and components that bedbugs do not find attractive. 

How to keep Bed Bugs from private parts?

Get rid of bed bugs in clothes, bed, and mattress

Bed bugs that may bite on the areas around your privates at night are those that are on your bed.

However, this depends on how you sleep. Those who sleep while facing down are likely to get bites around their privets compared to those who face up or rest on their sides.

The best way to get rid of bed bugs in your clothes or bedding is to wash them with hot water to kill them and their eggs. When drying laundry, use the highest heat to remove any remaining eggs. 


Sleeping in pajamas can help keep bed bugs away from your private parts.

Once you have noticed an infestation and hopefully doing something about it, do not sleep without clothes.

If it is hot, get light pajamas that are designed to retain less heat.

Do the same if it is cold since pajamas come in different types depending on the weather. 

Apply repellents

Apply lotions containing bed bug repellent scents like lavender on your skin before sleep.

Those scents can keep bed bugs from your bum, private parts, or any other area of your body.

Find a permanent solution to control an infestation

However, you must get rid of an infestation first because this will only help control a few of them.

A permanent solution is to kill them instead of applying repellents and hope they will not bite you. Repellents will only work if you have eliminated them and only one or two are still roaming around.

Wear Underpants

To protect your private parts from bed bugs, you should wear underpants when you sleep instead of leaving them exposed.

Bed bugs only bite on your skin, so your privates will be safe. 


Do Bed Bugs invade the Urethra?

Absolutely not! Here’s why: 

  • Bed bugs prefer cooler places, and our body’s insides are way too warm for them. 
  • They need air to breathe, so they wouldn’t risk going somewhere they could suffocate. 
  • Picture an apple seed; that’s roughly the size of a bed bug. You’d definitely notice if such a big bug tried to crawl in there! 

can bed bugs go in your private parts

Do Bed Bugs invade the Vagina? 

Certainly not! Dive into the reasons: 

  • Just like the urethra, the vagina is warm and has little oxygen, so bed bugs wouldn’t venture there. 
  • The vagina’s acidic environment is a no-go for these bugs. They avoid acidic places for their own safety. 
  • Think about its location! Your thighs generally act as a shield, keeping these critters at bay. 

Can Bed Bugs go up your bum? 

While it may be a distressing idea, it’s important to understand that the likelihood of bed bugs entering a person’s anus is extremely remote.

In order for bed bugs to reach the anus, they would need to navigate a significant path through the buttocks, a scenario that lacks any logical rationale.

Moreover, any attempt by them to burrow in that direction would result in rapid suffocation due to the limited availability of airflow.

Can Bed Bugs Go in Your Private Parts? Facts & Myths Unveiled

Can Bed Bugs bite your Private Areas?

They might, but here’s the scoop: 

  • Bed bugs are all about the easy route. They love smooth skin, so if you’ve got pubic hair, they’re likely to think twice. 
  • These critters want a quick snack, not an adventure. If you’ve got pants or underwear on, they’d usually skip the journey and bite the first bit of skin they see. 
  • But remember, they aren’t picky eaters. Sensitive spots like genitals, buttcheeks, and breasts are still on their menu, if they fancy a taste. 

can bed bugs go in your private parts

Can Bed Bugs get into your Underwear?

They might give it a go! But consider this: 

  • If these little invaders are lurking in your clothes or sheets, they can find their way into your undies. 
  • But here’s a hot tip: give your clothes and bedding a good wash and dry on high. That’ll show them who’s boss and get rid of any stowaways. 


You have just learned the truth about bed bugs go in your private parts.

If you want to learn more about bed bugs and how to deal with them, you can check out our other blogs from Pestweek

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