Are Bed Bugs Attracted to Period Blood?

Naturally, bed bugs find fresh blood attractive and sweet. They prefer sucking blood from humans and pets. If they lack that, they will go for rodents like rats but not for period blood.

Bed bugs are not attracted to period blood because it does not contain proteins like that which they suck directly from your flesh. Period blood contains bacteria and tissues from the uterus. The smell is not attractive to bed bugs when compared to fresh warm blood which they extract from their host.

What they get from the skin is rich in nutrients that the female need in order to lay eggs. No matter how healthy a woman is, the blood from her periods will never be warm and tasty for bugs.

Why bed bugs hate period blood

Human blood contains hemoglobin which is a protein that is very essential for the bedbugs to survive. This is what makes the blood look red when reflected in your eyes.

In most cases, period blood will turn black after being discharged from the body. This means that it is not fresh because it has overstayed in the uterus. There is no way bedbugs will drink period blood in such a state. It has already lost most of its properties found in its original state.

When a woman is in her period, there are a lot of body changes. This is also not standard for all women. Everyone is built in a different way and not every lady will have the same experience.

The menstrual blood can never be the same in all women. However, this does not mean that there are any that bed bugs will find fit for consumption.

Does Period Blood Attract Bed Bugs?
Does Period Blood Attract Bed Bugs?

Can bed bugs smell period blood?

No, bedbugs cannot smell period blood and this is not the reason why they will bite your private areas. They are attracted to their victim because of the heat produced. They are also attracted by the fresh carbon dioxide that animals and humans give out.

Generally, bed bugs may bite your private areas. They tend to be warmer as compared to the rest of the body. They can only suck blood from the outer skin but they cannot go in there.

It is the heat combined with the co2 that will attract them but not your period blood. This means that bed bugs will not also just go and drink a pool of blood on the ground.

Period blood in most cases is emitted outside your body. Bedbugs are not good at drinking directly as humans do. They need a host to suck blood from through the skin. Their mouthparts are designed to suck blood but not to gulp or drink as humans do.

When you are given a chance to drink and suck, you will definitely go for drinking from a glass. This is much comfortable because it will be hustle free.

In the same way, they prefer to suck blood that is warm and fresh from the host. Based on this fact, bed bugs cannot go inside your private parts when you are on your menses. Thye can never survive in there and they will never even get attracted to your discharge.

It is wrong to believe that bed bugs bedbugs will bite your private areas because you are on your periods. It is a myth to say that bedbugs are attracted to ladies who have their sanitary pads on.

Can period blood attract bed bugs to your bed?

A straight answer is no. Period blood will not attract bed bugs to your bed and that is a myth. What attracts bed bugs to your bed is your body heat and the warmth that you provide on the bed.

When combined with the gas that you exhale, bed bugs will detect your presence and this will draw them out. This is why they are not just attracted to any pool of blood they come across.

The reason why bed bugs are attracted to you on period days is because of the raised body temperatures. Warmth is one of the major bed bug attractions. This is why they seem to be attracted to some people more than others.

Based on that explanation, it is clear that it is not the period of blood that will attract them. This is normal and it happens because of the hormonal imbalances at that particular time.

This means that when you are menstruating, it is easy for bed bugs to detect your presence. It is a result of the higher body temperatures. Some will then think that it is the periods that is attrcating bedbugs.

In fact, some ladies do not really have a serious change in body temperature while menstruating. In such a case, they will be just like any other man around them.

Bed bugs will still find you as long as you are warm and there is blood flow in your body. The high body temperature is just an added advantage that makes you easy prey.

Bedbugs and period blood myths

Even if bed bugs lack food, they will not go for your periods or sanitary pads. This is because the adult can stay for up to 4-5 months without a host. It is very difficult to get rid of bedbugs if you do not take the right measures.

Another myth about bedbugs is that they can be attracted to period blood that is spilled on your bed sheet. This is a lie and they will not have any reason to be attracted to that. Instead, they will still find your skin and suck their blood directly from it.

The belief that bed bugs are attracted to any blood is a myth. They will not feed on dead animals as well. Fresh and warm blood with nutrients is what they like. They can only get this from a live host and they know how to hunt for them.

So the fact that you are on your periods should never make you scared of sleeping. It is not one of the factors that will make you attractive to them. Simply look for ways of getting rid of bed bugs from your mattress and your bedroom in general.  


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