Does Windex Kill Ants? (How to Use it)

Windex will kill ants because it contains ammonium hydroxide which is corrosive and toxic. It can also repel ants by clearing the pheromones or scents that mature ants use to communicate. When the communication is broken, ants will not be able to find each other while looking for food.

To kill ants fast, spray Windex directly on them. Windex can also be used to deter ants on the floor. Mix 8 ounces of Windex with 1 gallon of warm water and use it to wipe the floor after mopping. To repel ants on a surface, apply Windex on a piece of cloth and use it to wipe the area.

Windex kills and keeps ants away because it contains toxic chemical properties that will instantly get rid of germ and bacteria on any surface.

How to kill and repel ants using Windex
How to kill and repel ants using Windex

How to kill and repel ants with Windex

You will notice that if an ant visits any area that has food, others will follow. There is a scent they leave behind when they find food so that the rest can also get there. Here is how to use Windex to get rid of ants at home;

  1. If you have hundreds of ants swarming in an area, simply spray Windex directly on them
  2. Spread Windex on the ant’s trail and just let it settle so that they do not use the path again
  3. After moping, you may randomly spray Windex directly on the floor
  4. Wipe it with a clean mop so that it is equally spread to keep away ants and other crawling insects at home
  5. You can also spray Windex directly on your fence where the ants like to crawl

Spraying Windex will also help in keeping ants away because it will disrupt those pheromones that ants use to communicate.

This will leave no chances of other ants coming into your house. You can also use Windex as an ant barrier especially if you spot the place where they use to gain access into the house. Simply spray it directly on the entry point and the smell will definitely turn them away.

Why is Windex poisonous to ants?

There is a fragrance that is part of the ingredients contained in Windex. This fragrance dissolves the pheromones that ants leave behind for their teammates to follow. Windex contains phenoxyethanol in small quantities that is enough to burn the ants’ exoskeleton while irritating their eyes.

Hexoxyethanol is one of the main reasons why Windex is deadly to ants because it will paralyze them almost instantly. Even if the ants escape after being sprayed, they will die sooner or later.

Windex also contains isopropanolamine which will naturally chock the ants. This will also cause internal burns to those tiny insects even just by inhaling it. This is very deadly to most insects including house flies.

All those ingredients are kept in low quantities that cannot directly affect humans unless you drink them directly. Remember to wash your eyes with plenty of water in case it gets into contact with Windex and seek professional advice.

Windex and vinegar to kill ants

Windex with vinegar will kill ants and this is one of the best and very efficient ways to get rid of ants fast at home. The solution will also keep ants away because ants hate vinegar due to its strong scent that neutralizes their communication.

Here is how to mix vinegar and Windex at home to kill ants;

  1. Get half a glass of Windex in a container
  2. Pour vinegar up to a quarter level using the same glass and add this to the container
  3. Stir to mix and get a clean hand sprayer
  4. Add the solution into the hand sprayer solution and shake gently
  5. Spay this directly on the ants and sweep them outside
  6. You can also spray this directly on the ants’ hideouts around your compound

Vinegar mixed with Windex will not only get rid of ants but it is also a sure way of disinfecting surfaces that ants love to crawl on. Those little creatures come along with germs because they crawl o different dirty surfaces.

Windex for ants in the kitchen

Yes, you can use Windex to kill ants in the kitchen but you really have to be careful especially if you want to use it to get rid of ants near utensils, fruits, and any food that is open.

You should know that Windex contains ingredients that may be fatal to you and your pets’ breathing system.

As much as this is regulated by the producers, it is recommended that you keep this away from food as possible. It is important that before using Windex for ants in the kitchen;

  1. You should remove the utensils or any food that is in the open
  2. After spraying the Windex and letting it settle, you can then sweep of the dead ants
  3. Clean or wipe the cupboard area with a dump clean piece of cloth and lots of water
  4. Ensure all the particles are well dusted before returning the utensils there

You should also avoid leaving dirty plates in the sink and spilling sugary stuff on the kitchen counter because this is what attracts the ants a lot.

Windex for repelling ants

Learn the natural principle of starving ants to death so that they cannot come back into your kitchen. Killing or getting rid of little black ants in the house will be much easier if your kitchen is clean. You can also use the following steps to get rid of ants using Windex on your kitchen floor;

  1. Mop the kitchen floor as usual and dry it up
  2. Spray some Windex directly on the floor
  3. Use a clean dry mop to wipe it so that it is spread evenly on the floor
  4. You may add a little vinegar for perfect results
  5. Let it dry up naturally because ants will not crawl on that floor if it has Windex particle and fragrance on it

You can also use Windex to get rid of pavement ants around the house. To deter odorous house ants, simply mop the area with a gallon of water that is mixed with a cup of Windex. This will also remove the ants’ pheromones which they use to trail each other.