Do Cockroaches Drink Water? The Truth May Shock You

In this blog, you will learn whether cockroaches drink water and how do cockroaches drink water

Cockroaches Drink Water
Do Cockroaches Drink Water? The Truth May Shock You

Do Cockroaches Drink Water? 

Yes, cockroaches do drink water. They require water for survival just like any other living creature.

Cockroaches can go without food for a longer period than they can without water.

How do Cockroaches drink water?

Cockroaches drink water through their mouth by lapping on it. They have an upper lip which is known as the labrum.

Once they find water, roaches spread their mandibles so that the labrum can get to it.

Their mouths are designed to bite and chew so they have to lap water in small quantities in order to drink.

How long will Roaches live without water?

Cockroaches can live for 7-14 days if there is no water. However, this depends on the species and environment that they live in.

Those that live in arid climates stay longer without water when compared to those that live in semi-arid areas.

When living in dry areas, roaches have a way of closing the tiny holes on their abdomen to avoid water loss.

This contributes to their survival rate since lack of water can kill them very fast.

Those bugs are extra smart when it comes to survival and this is why they are among the leading pests in terms of population.

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Cockroaches Drink Water
Cockroaches can live for 7-14 days if there is no water.

Can Cockroaches attracted to water?

All roaches need water and will typically reside and reproduce near a consistent water source.

When indoors, they often seek refuge in sinks and drains, as water is regularly flushed through.

Interestingly, soapy water kill cockroaches, making bathroom drains less attractive to them.

Hot water kill cockroaches by scalding their exoskeleton and dehydrating them.

However, they must be in direct contact with the hot water for a long time, and they will only die if they are submerged. Soap or strong shampoos can also help to wash and kill roaches, but they are not very effective on their own.

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How water affects roach’s reproduction? 

Water is an important factor that affects the reproduction of cockroaches.

Cockroaches need water to stay hydrated and to produce eggs.

They also prefer moist and humid environments, where they can find water easily and protect their eggs from drying out.

Water can also influence the behavior and mating of cockroaches, as some species use water sources as meeting places or courtship arenas. 

Roaches in water tanks

Cockroach in live-in water tanks because it is always dark and moist. This keeps them alive as long as they do not fall into the water.

If they happen to fall in it, they will stay floating since they are light. Survival chances are high because eventually, they are easily pushed by the tides to the walls.

Once they get to the edge, they can climb out and crawl away.

Roaches also have an ability to stay without breathing and that’s how they buy time if they drop in water.

They are naturally dirty and good measures should always be put in place to keep them from water tanks.

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Cockroaches Drink Water
Cockroach in live-in water tanks because it is always dark and moist.


In this blog, you have learned the answer to the question: do cockroaches drink water? You have also learned how much water they need, how they drink it, and how water affects their behavior and reproduction.

If you want to learn more about cockroaches and how to deal with them, check out our other blogs from Pestweek. 

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