Can Flies Get In Through Air Conditioner? The Startling Truth!

Can flies get in through air conditioner units?” You might be surprised by the answer.

This article explores how your air conditioner might inadvertently invite flies, providing practical advice to ensure a peaceful, fly-free environment.

Can Flies Get In Through Air Conditioner
Can Flies Get In Through Air Conditioner? The Startling Truth!

1. Can Flies get in Through Air Conditioner?

Indeed, flies can enter your home through the air conditioner. This can happen even when the air conditioner itself doesn’t have any visible cracks or openings. The crucial aspect here is the seal between the air conditioner and the window frame.

If this seal isn’t snug and complete, it creates a small space that can be just the right size for flies and various other small insects to sneak into your living space.

Can Flies Get In Through Air Conditioner
Can Flies Get in Through Air Conditioner?

2. How can Flies come Through Air Conditioner?

Flies don’t actually pass through the air conditioner itself. Instead, their entry point is usually the small openings or compromised seals surrounding the AC unit. Over time, as the air conditioner settles under its own weight, it can lead to the formation of new gaps

or the widening of existing ones. Flies, always on the lookout for food, water, and a place to rest, are quick to discover and exploit these vulnerabilities.

Moreover, certain insects are drawn to moisture. During summer’s heat, your air conditioner’s condensation can become an enticing water source for them.

This combination of water availability and the subtle light seeping through window cracks can turn the area around your air conditioner into a hotspot for insect activity at any time of the day or night.

Can Flies Get In Through Air Conditioner
How Can Flies Come Through Air Conditioner?

3. Types of Air Conditioning Units Permeable to Flies

  • Window Air Conditioner: These units are mounted directly into a window frame. Often, they are prone to gaps, weakened seals, or holes in the caulking. Over time, these imperfections can widen, allowing insects and flies to find their way through and into your room. Maintaining a fly-free environment can be particularly challenging with window air conditioners due to these vulnerabilities.
  • Central Air Conditioner: Central AC systems generally offer better sealing against insects. The external unit might encounter some bug and pest problems and needs regular cleaning, but it’s highly unlikely for insects to travel through the ductwork into your home. However, water leaks associated with these units can attract pests and potentially lead to infestations around the system.
  • Portable Air Conditioner: These flexible units can be filled with water and ice for cooling and relocated as necessary. They usually require just a small gap for an exhaust hose to vent out of a window. However, the exhaust vent or the temporary solutions used to seal it, like cardboard or other materials, might not be completely airtight. This can leave room for small gaps through which flies and insects might enter.

4. 5 Factors That Draw Flies to Air Conditioner Units

Five Factors Attracting Flies to Air Conditioning Units

1. Environmental temperatures

Flies and other insects seek stable environments, especially when outside temperatures are extreme. Our homes offer a consistent and inviting climate during hot summers and cold winters.

Consequently, flies are constantly on the lookout for ways to enter our homes, drawn by the temperate conditions inside.

2. Water

Insects require water for essential life functions. Air conditioners, prone to leaks, can provide a convenient water source.

Standing water near these units becomes an attractive spot for various insects. Additionally, they may be drawn to the moisture inside your home.

3. Nutrition

The operational disturbances of air conditioning units, such as vibrations, can attract insects. A higher insect population around the unit can lead to increased food sources, drawing more pests.

Furthermore, any food remnants within the interior parts of your AC can lure flies and ants into your home.

4. Shelter

Beyond temperature, insects seek protection from other environmental factors. Air conditioners offer shelter from predators and harsh weather.

Over time, insects, driven by necessity, will exploit any opportunity to find shelter inside your home.

5. Light

Insects are naturally drawn to light. If your indoor lights are on and it’s dark outside, they become a beacon for bugs.

Any unsealed gaps or cracks around your window AC unit can serve as entry points. To prevent this, ensure that all potential entry points are properly sealed.

5. How to Get rid of Flies from Air Conditioners

Eliminating Flies from Air Conditioning Units

Clean The Exterior of the AC Unit

Utilize a wet-dry vacuum to thoroughly clean the outer part of the unit.

Remove all debris and meticulously wipe down the unit, paying special attention to the vents and exhausts of a window air conditioner.

Can Flies Get In Through Air Conditioner
Clean The Exterior of the AC Unit

Examine for Cracks and Gaps

Carefully examine the entire exterior of the window air conditioning unit for any holes large enough to allow insect entry.

Also, check the hardware to ensure that no screws or bolts have become loose or fallen out, which could create gaps.

Perform Repairs, Apply Caulk and Seal Any Openings

Fill in any cracks and apply caulk to seal them off from insects.

For larger gaps, consider using cardboard as a temporary filler before caulking, which is a cost-effective and time-saving solution.

Can Flies Get In Through Air Conditioner
Perform Repairs, Apply Caulk and Seal Any Openings

Install An Air Conditioner Bug Screen

Place a bug screen over the exterior vents. These screens have a finer mesh that flies cannot penetrate.

However, remember that these screens need regular cleaning to maintain airflow and prevent the AC unit from overheating.

Address and Prevent Water Leaks by Cleaning Up

Address any water leakage around the window unit, as this can attract bugs. Creating a rock garden beneath the leaky unit can help trap water underground, reducing insect attraction.

This method can also be used to water pest-repelling plants like lemongrass and citronella, offering a dual benefit of solving the leak issue and cultivating natural insect repellents.


In conclusion, understanding “can flies get in through air conditioner” is crucial in maintaining a pest-free environment. This blog has explored the various ways these pesky intruders can gain access and provided practical solutions to effectively keep them out. Remember, knowledge is your best defense against household pests.

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