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Are Ants Attracted to Blood? Fascinating Insights Await!

Have you ever wondered why you see ants in your bathroom, trash bin, or other places where blood is spilled? Are you curious about what attracts ants to blood and how they use it? Do you want to know how to prevent and get rid of ants that are drawn to blood?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this blog is for you.  

In this blog, you will learn the surprising reasons behind the behavior of ants attracted to blood. You will also discover some effective and natural ways to deal with this problem. 

Are Ants Attracted to Blood

Are Ants Attracted To Period Blood? 

Yes. Period blood has sodium, which is essential for ants to maintain their body fluids. Ants also like decaying substances. Period blood begins to decompose as soon as it leaves the body. The smell of decay draws ants to it. 

Period blood is also warm when it comes out of the body. Ants can sense the odor of fresh period blood with their smell receptors. They are also lured by the bad smell of the dead cells that rot in the used pads. 

Period blood forms clumps of blood clots when it dries. These are food for some ant species, such as army ants. Period blood does not harm or poison ants. It gives them the nutrients they need. 

Why Are Ants Attracted To Blood? 

Blood is a tempting food source for ants, especially when it is fresh and rich in proteins and minerals. Ants need these nutrients to maintain their body fluids and reproductive functions. Blood also has a distinctive smell that appeals to ants, due to the presence of copper in the proteins. 

Ants are not picky about the type of blood they eat. They can feed on period blood, which has a strong odor due to the decay of dead cells. They can also feed on animal blood, which may have different nutrients than human blood.

Ants that live in areas with low salt levels, such as mountain regions, are particularly drawn to blood because it provides them with the salt they need for their muscles and nerves. A study showed that some ants have a severe salt deficiency and will go crazy for blood droppings1. 

Blood is therefore a valuable and attractive food for ants, and they will seek it out whenever they can. 

Are Ants Attracted to Blood

Do Ants Eat Blood? 

Short answer? Yes!

Blood is a source of nutrition for ants. They prefer blood that is fresh and rich in proteins and minerals, rather than blood that has dried up and lost its metallic smell. 

Ants usually do not eat blood in normal household conditions, because they can find enough proteins, nutrients, and salts in the food items in your kitchen. 

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However, some ant species, such as army ants, are carnivorous and feed on dead animals with blood spillages. They swarm in large numbers and tear off pieces of meat from the carcass. The blood that spills on the ground also attracts more ants. 

If you have blood-stained waste or sanitary towels in your dustbin, you may have a problem with ant infestations in your home. This is because the smell of decaying or rotting blood lures ants to the location. 

Are Ants Attracted to Blood

How To Keep Ants Away From Period Blood? 

Period blood draws ants to it naturally. But you can deter them by using sanitary pads with fragrance. These irritating insects dislike the pleasant smell of perfumes. So you can exploit this flaw to your benefit and destroy the pesky creatures! 

Also, you’ll want to make sure that used sanitary pads are well-covered and thrown away in a sealed trash can. 

Ants Show No Preference for Diabetic Blood Over Non-diabetic Blood 

Both diabetic and non-diabetic blood contain essential proteins and minerals that ants require. Ants are naturally drawn to blood and will readily consume any spilled blood, irrespective of its sugar content 

Ants do not have a preference for menstrual blood 

Period blood does not have a special appeal for ants over blood from other sources. And ants do not target period blood from diabetic people exclusively. 

You can use scented sanitary pads and make sure they are properly covered and thrown in a closed trash can to prevent ants and other insects from coming. 

Menstrual Blood May Draw Ants to Your Bed 

Some people think that bed bugs are drawn to period blood. But bed bugs are not picky about their blood sources, and they will not target your bed just because you are menstruating.

However, ants may be lured by period blood to your bed. So you need to keep yourself and your surroundings clean and be careful when sleeping outdoors or in tents. 

Ants Possess Blood That Is Not Red 

Ants do not have red blood like other animals, but a fluid called hemolymph. Hemolymph does not have red blood cells, so it is usually green or yellow. It functions like blood, flowing through the whole body of an ant. 

If you crush an ant, its body fluids release a smell that draws other ants, warning them of possible threat. 

Are Ants Attracted to Blood


Ants are attracted to blood for its nutritional value, not its taste. They prefer fresh blood that is rich in proteins and minerals, rather than dried blood that has lost its smell. Ants do not discriminate between diabetic and non-diabetic blood, or period and venous blood. They will feed on any blood spillages, regardless of their source. 

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We hope you enjoyed this blog and learned something new about ants and blood. If you want to read more interesting and informative articles about pests and how to deal with them, please visit our website at Pestweek.

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