Ants Around Swimming Pool + How to Kill Them

Ants are drawn to the pool in large numbers especially in hot weather because they need water for them to remain moist. Naturally, they are often seen taking water because most ants can draw water from what they eat. However, ants get desperate when it gets extra hot, and they may also fall into the pool while trying to get water.

To get rid of ants around the swimming pool, mop the infested area with soapy water and let it dry. Then combine equal parts of white vinegar and hot water and spray it on the ant nests and trails. Increase cleaning intervals to 2-3 times a day and avoid food or drinks which can attract ants by the pool.

Flying ants swarm around pools during their mating seasons. They are attracted by the water reflections and moisture. Ants do not have perfect eyesight thus they are drawn to open pools as a result of the clear light that mirrored on the surface. They end up in the water and once their wings get wet, they cannot fly out.

Ants Around Swimming Pool
Ants Around Swimming Pool

Causes of ants around the swimming pool

When it is hot, the evaporation rate on the pool surface increases since it is open under the sun. The evaporated water increases the moisture levels around the swimming pool. The vapor settles around the pool and this attracts ants around the pool pavements. More ants will come in hot temperatures.

Food: sugary drinks and snacks that are dropped around the pool can also invite ants. Eating by the pool especially if there is a party can possibly leave food particles on the pavements. Those can hide in the gaps and after some time, ants from the surrounding environments will come to eat. Pets may also bring food to the pool thus increasing the chances of an infestation.

Other bugs that ants can feed on like springtails around a pool can be the reason. In an ants colony, the workers are always looking for food and a poorly maintained pool can attract them if they can find anything to eat. Ants can attack or eat dead bugs around the pool and they never go away as long as there is a constant food supply.

Potted plants: Potted plants provide a natural habitat for ants that live in the soil. Field and Argentine ants are the major culprits in houseplants and they can comfortably nest at the base of the plant. They burrow and dig into the soil in the pot and the plant will keep them moist.

Argentine ants can multiply very fast and infest the pool area if they are not controlled in good time. They always cave several queens in a colony and this boosts their numbers very fast. Pavement ants are also common around swimming pools when sidewalks are cemented. They are attracted by warmth and moisture from the stagnant waters.

How to kill ants around swimming pool

You need to get rid of ants around the pool because some of them may bite depending on the species. They may destroy your pool liners by creating holes in them. Pavement ants around the pool dig several holes that can give the sidewalks an old look that can be ugly.

Be careful with any pesticide used around the pool because some may cause irritation if washed into the pool. People can easily step on those chemicals and jump into the pool. This can be a threat to the swimmers’ eyes and skin depending on the brand.

Here are some of the best ways to get rid of ants around swimming pool naturally without using dangerous chemicals or pesticides:

Cleanliness and maintenance

Ants around a swimming pool are not necessarily a sign of poor hygiene. However, you need to improve and change your standard cleaning routine if you want to get rid of them. Ants follow trails and pheromones and if they keep coming back, it is time to change your cleaning routine.

Avoid food, snacks, and drinks by the swimming pool for a few days when getting rid of ants until it is clear that they are all gone. Most of the ants you see crawling around are simply looking for food that they can take back to their nests. As long as there is food, ants will keep coming back no matter how hard you try to eliminate them.

Another trick to kill ants by the pool is to increase the cleaning intervals. If you always clean once a day, do it three times that is morning, afternoon, and evening until all the ants are gone. When cleaning, increase the amount of soap used or simply change what you always use. Then rinse with clean water and ensure that does not get into the pool.


Soapy water can kill ants and this can be used against them. For perfect results, combine 250ml of dish soap with hot water in a spray bottle. Then sprinkle it on ants around the pool to kill them. If they have made holes on the pavements, pour the mixture into the holes to eliminate the queen and their eggs.

However, hot water and soap can damage plants and grass used to decorate the poolside and you should not use that on them. If they are the major cause of ants, find other natural methods to deal with them. Alternatively, take your potted plants away from the pool area and treat them before you bring them back.

You can also use soapy water to mop areas around the pool. This helps in removing the ant trails which they use to follow each other when there is an infestation. Watch it when using it on the sidewalks because it can be slippery when used excessively.

White vinegar

Vinegar can disinfect and repel ants on any surface. Add white vinegar to the final rinse bucket and use it to mop the area. If you see any ants even after cleaning, spray white vinegar directly on them. This should be done with the help of a spray bottle that can e kept by the pool.

Even though other vinegar brands like apple cider vinegar can also repel ants, white vinegar is always the best because it contains high acidity. Moreover, it does not stain the floor after use and its smell will also stick around to repel ants at least for a while.

Natural ants’ repellents like peppermint oil can be safely used to repel ants around the pool. Ants hate peppermint and they will not crawl on it. After cleaning the areas around your pool, you can mix 1015 drops of peppermint oil with 1 cup of hot water and sprinkle it on the ant’s trail.

It is easy to trail the ants’ origin because they all come from somewhere around the pool if there is an infestation. It is only the flying ants that may fly in but those will always go away on their own after the mating season is over. Sprinkling peppermint by the pool can also keep flying ants away. However, you will need to cover the pool for some time so that they do not go into the water.


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