Does Ammonia Kill Roaches? [Ammonia for Cockroaches]

There are two types of ammonia that can be used against roaches. Those include pure ammonia and household ammonia that is commonly used for cleaning at home. While both can be used against roaches, it is advisable to mix pure ammonia with water to reduce its corrosive strength on any surface.

Ammonia can kill roaches on contact because breaks down their outer layers and tissues. Mix 8 ounces of ammonia with 4 ounces of hot water and spray it on them. This will also repel cockroaches instantly since it produces a pungent odor which they hate.

Household ammonia that is normally used for removing stains contains 0.1 percent pure ammonium hydroxide (NH3). This NH3 percentage is enough to kill and repel bugs around the house. Even if you decide to mix it with water, do not over dilute it. 1 part to 3 parts of water is enough.

Does Ammonia Kill Roaches?
Does Ammonia Kill Roaches?

Ammonia down drain for roaches

Before you pour ammonia down the drain to kill roaches and other bugs, it is important to note that it can cause corrosion. Pure ammonia that is designed for industrial use may contain high concentrations that can destroy your drainage.

Ammonia can get rid of cockroaches down the drain but it should be mixed with water before it is flushed down. Water will help in neutralizing its corrosive properties while mainlining its effect on roach elimination.

Mix 4 cups of ammonia with 8 liters of hot water and pour this down the drain to kill roaches and their eggs. This can be used to clear an infestation in kitchen sinks and bathroom drains. However, this should be done once every two weeks to reduce the chances of corrosion.

Avoid mixing ammonia with bleach or any random solutions at home because this can cause a dangerous reaction. The fumes produced from the reactions can be toxic to humans and pets.

Ammonia for roaches should only be mixed with water and left for at least two weeks after flushing it down the drain. During this duration, avoid pouring any chemical solutions down the drain. This will help in protecting the drains from any damage that can result from chemical reactions.

Does ammonia kill cockroach eggs?

Spraying a solution of ammonia diluted with water will not destroy cockroach eggs because they are protected by hard slippery material. Any liquid poured or sprayed on it will slide away. The only option is to soak roach eggs in a pure ammonia solution so that they are is dissolved after some time.

Roach eggs are covered in a shell known as ootheca. You have to break this tough shell if you want to destroy its contents. One ootheca which is about 3/8 inches long may contain up to 40 eggs and a good percentage of those will survive after hatching.

If you are looking to destroy a roach’s egg fast, you will have to break it open before you spray an ammonia solution on its contents. This will kill all the unhatched baby roaches on contact since ammonia will dissolve their weak tissues on contact.

The other option is to push the eggs into a strong ammonia solution that is not mixed with water. The stronger a solution is, the faster it will take to dissolve the eggs. To kill cockroach eggs instantly, mix 2 parts of ammonia with 1 part of hot water and soak the eggs in it.

The chemical structure of ammonia is a combination of nitrogen and hydrogen which emits a very strong odor. This smell is harsh and can cause irritation on the tiny pores that roaches use to breath. This will also choke them to death if they are exposed to it in an air tight area. (I.e in a drain)

How to keep roaches away with ammonia

There are several ways of using ammonia to deter cockroaches. This depends on the population that you are looking to eliminate. If it is just one or a few roaches, simply spray ammonia on them. When dealing with a serious infestation, then make a strong solution in large quantities and drown them in it.

You can also use ammonia to repel roaches by adding 2 cups of ammonia to 1 gallon of warm water. Use this to mop the floors to deter any crawling bugs at home. The solution can also be used in cupboards and kitchen cabinets to kill and repel roaches that are hiding in them.

When mopping the house, see to it that the ammonia solution gets to all hidden corners. Roaches hide under the refrigerator, cookers, coffee makers, and under the kitchen sink. Ensure all those places are wiped clean. Replace the solution when the water gets dirty to improve its deficiency.

Ammonia can also be used to get rid of roaches in a toilet bowl since it will remove stains and leave it with a pungent smell. After cleaning the toilet, it is a good idea to pour 1/2 cup of ammonia in the toilet and flush it down the drain to kill and repel any bugs in the drains.

When doing your laundry, ammonia can be added to the final rinse to remove stains and soften the fabric. The advantage of using it when washing is that it will kill any roaches in clothes plus other bugs like moths larvae that are destructive. This will also brighten white clothes and make them look brighter.

Is it safe to use ammonia for roaches at home?

Pure ammonia is dangerous and causes breathing issues if used in a closed room especially at night. This can cause severe skin irritation and should therefore be used with a lot of caution. It s totally safe to use ammonia as long as it is diluted with water.

When pouring ammonia down the drain to get rid of roaches, it is not okay to use concentrated solutions. Ensure that it is mixed with water in the ratio of 1:3 since just a little bit is enough to contain an infestation. Do not flush straight ammonia in your sink, toilet, or bathroom drainage.

Ammonia is safe for washing clothes but you need to be careful when mixing it with other detergents. Stain removers like bleach can cause unhealthy reactions when mixed with ammonia.

Avoid any detergent that is loaded with reactive chemicals and don’t use it on wool or materials that are made from natural silk. Ammonia can be corrosive and it will break down these materials especially when using in large quantities.

When using ammonia in a washing machine, add it to the drum first before you put your clothes and water. If possible, mix it with mild detergents that are free from bleach and are easy on fabric. Do not use this to wash your towels or heavy sweaters since it can destroy them.