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Will Lizards Crawl in Your Bed? [Lizards in Bed]

House lizards may come to your bed while you are sleeping at night. However, this does not mean that they are interested in biting or harming you. Lizards in your bed will ignore you because they do not attack humans.

Lizards will crawl your bed when they see any insect on it. They will come into your bedsheets and even crawl on you while chasing and trying to eat the insect. This is good because they can eat something like an ant, bed bug, or a spider that may bite you.

Lizard bites are not poisonous and you should panic about that. Even if you find a lizard in your bed, don’t be worried because house lizards are not deadly to humans. They will cause no harm even if they accidentally bite you.

Will Lizards Crawl Your Bed [6 Causes of Lizards in Bed?]
Reasons why lizards will crawl you bed at night

6 Reasons why lizards crawl your bed at night

If your bedroom is dirty and full of insects, lizards will hide under your bed and wait for them. Under your bed is one of the best hiding places for insects because it is dark and warm. Here are some of the things that will attract lizards to your bed:

1. They are chasing bed bugs

If you keep finding lizards on your bed when you wake up at night, it may also mean that you have a serious bed bug infestation.

This is because geckos also feed on bed bugs and they will keep running up and down your bed while trying to catch the speedy bugs. So do not think that it is the lizard that is biting you. In this case, find the bed bugs and get rid of them.

Bed bugs are one of the major lizard attractions to your bed at night. Bed bugs only come out at night in your bed while you are asleep so that they can suck your blood. do not change your mattress to get rid of bedbugs but rather find a long-lasting solution.

2. Cockroaches on your bed will attract lizards

When cockroaches hide in your bedroom, one of their favorite places in your bed. They will hide in the bed joint or under your mattress to lay eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the little roaches will be crawling on your bed especially at night.

If there is a lizard in your room and it notices the movements, it will definitely run to your bed since cockroaches are one of their best meals. It will eat and swallow several little roaches very fast. Adult wall geckos will also hunt down the big cockroaches in your room at night.

If you always notice lizards running around your room at night, you may want to check for roaches in your bed. This is a clear sign that there are several of them and you need to do something about them. Little roaches can even get into your ears while you are sleeping.

3. Spiders on your bed

Lizards will crawl in your bed if they see spiders on it. They like eating spiders and it is known that spiders may be living under your bed if you do not constantly move and clean.

The environment under your bed is obviously dark and warm and spiders will have their webs down there. They will lay their eggs and their little ones are more likely to wander on your bed at night. This will attract lizards and they will go after them.

Lizards have good eyesight even when your room is dark and they will keep hunting at night. Most of those insects also love coming out at night and this is one reason why you may find lizards coming to your bed.

This is a good sign that your bedroom is dirty and you need to do some cleaning. You can use vinegar to get rid of spiders in your bedroom and bed. This is a fast and efficient way to deal with them.

4. Dead insects on the bed

If you never clean your bedroom, there will be dead insects under your bed. Dead insects will attract several other predators including wall lizards that feed on them. The lizards may accidentally wander into your bed while trying to find their meals.

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Lizards can accidentally fall on your bed especially if your bed is really close to the wall. They may be running after other crawling insects and fall off on your bed. If you keep finding only dead roaches under your bed, then there is a possibility that lizards are eating them at night.

This may wake you up and you will be definitely scared thinking that they were trying to bite you. Lizards are very aggressive when going after their food and you will be amazed at the speed by which they move as they hunt.

5. Fruits particles dropped on the bed

If you like eating fruits in your bedroom after or before meals while watching a movie on your bed, you may end up dropping some pieces there as you bite and chew. Lizards love fruits and this will attract and make them crawl into your bed. Fruits like apples are rehydrating to them and they simply cannot resist them.

They also eat vegetables and if they are in your room, they will always move and even crawl on you as you sleep especially if there are no insects and they are trying to find something to eat.

6. Carpet beetles on your bed

Carpet beetles feed on fabric and your bedroom is one place that they will definitely hide in. They are likely to come out at night while looking for dead insects because they also feed on that.

As they are busy wandering around your beddings at night, lizards in your room will spot them and try to eat them.

A lizard in your bed especially after you have also noted the presence of carpet beetle means that there is a serious infestation. You may need to check your house and find the areas where the carpet beetles are hiding. Flush them out before they destroy your clothes and other upholstery.

To conclude, the best way to keep lizards out of your bed is to check on the above factors that may attract them there. After identifying what they are after, simply get rid of it.

They do not suck blood and therefore they have no reason of attacking you unless you have something on your bed that they really want to eat.

Always know that lizards are not attracted to you but rather, there is something that will always make lizards crawl your bed. Here is a video on how to get rid of lizards:

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