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Will Bleach Kill Spider Eggs? [Bleach vs Spider Egg Sac]

When you spread bleach on spider eggs, it will dissolve their soft outer layer and destroy them before hatching. However, Spider eggs are always hidden in a sac to protect them from physical damage until they are ready to hatch. You will need to destroy the sac before you get to the eggs.

If you want to destroy a spider’s egg sac and kill all the eggs in it, mix 0.5pints of chlorine bleach with 0.75 pints of warm water in a hand spray bottle. Then move close to the sac and spray it. To get rid of the eggs instantly, ensure the egg sac is against a bleach-resistant surface then spray pure bleach on it.

Spider eggs cannot survive the strong reaction of bleach against their layers. Bleach will oxidize any surface it comes into contact with by draining all the hydrogen from it. This is why it will dissolve the weak layers of spider eggs very fast.

Will bleach kill Spider Eggs?
How to kill spider eggs with bleach

Will bleach get rid of spider egg sac?

Bleach will dissolve and destroy spider’s egg sac and its contents (the eggs). In some cases, an egg sac contains hundreds of young spiders that have not yet left. Spraying bleach directly on sacs will kill the spiderlings instantly.

Spiders lay eggs in dark corners and hidden areas of the house where there are fewer activities. This includes those areas that are above that are rarely touched like the ceilings. Before you sprinkle bleach on the eggs, check if the surface can react to bleach.

When looking for spider eggs, you need to know how the sac looks like. In summary, a spider’s egg sac appears to be white or silky with a smooth or rough surface depending on the species. When the area is dusty, it may have a light brown or cream color. They look like tiny punching bugs that are about 0.5inches or less in diameter.

The black widow spider has a spiky cream or off-white sac. When indoors, most spiders use their silky web strings to make a woven sac for their eggs. A single egg sac contains little eggs that can hatch into dozens of tinny spiders thus causing an infestation.

The cellar spider has egg sacs that look like little bubbles stuck together. Those look like white berries that are clustered in one place. The best way to classify the egg sacs is to know the type of spiders around your house.  

It is important to identify and know what spider egg sacs look like before using bleach against them. Here are pictures of common types of spider egg sacs:

Bleach vs spider egg sacs (Pictures)
Bleach vs spider egg sacs (Pictures)

How to kill spider eggs with bleach (8 Simple steps)

Eliminating spider egg sacs as soon as you see them is the only way to stop an infestation. Some spiders like the wolf spiders will carry their egg sacs with them. That will be around a woven silk sac that hangs at the end of the female abdomen. Spraying bleach on the female wolf spider will instantly kill it plus the eggs.

Note: In whatever you do, do not carelessly break the egg sacs. If you do so, hundreds of little spiders may be released at once. They will scatter for safety thus causing a serious infestation. For those spiders that attach their egg sac on structures or webs, here is how to use bleach against them:

  1. Identify the spider egg sacs that contain the eggs as described above
  2. Put on your eyewear and gloves
  3. Mix 1 cup (240ml) of bleach with 0.75 (320) cup of warm water
  4. Pour the solution into a spray bottle
  5. Move as close as you can to the egg sacs and prey the mixture on them
  6. Ensure they are well soaked in the solution and let it settle
  7. This will dissolve the sac and destroy the eggs
  8. After the sac are well sprayed, you can now dust them off using a cobweb duster

If the webs are way out of your reach, spread a white material on the floor. Then use a cobweb duster attached to a pole to get to the spider web and its contents. The white material will help you in identifying any egg sac that breaks open to spill its contents.

For best results, always move as close as possible when spraying bleach on spider eggs. Avoid using your hands to squish insects and their eggs.

Safety measures when using bleach for spider eggs

It is advisable to dilute pure bleach to reduce the damage on fabrics and any surface that it is spread on. When diluted in the ratio of 2:1 and used moderately, it should be fine. Ensure there are no pets or children around when spraying the bleach.

Never spray bleach on spider eggs that are attached to high areas. If you have to do so, ensure that the bleach particles are kept away from your eyes. Or at least put on some eyewear (clear protective glasses) to protect you from bleach particles.

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Do not spray bleach on paintings and surfaces with solvable coatings. If the spider egg sacs are on those, simply spread a white sheet on the floor and use a spider broom to knock them down. The white sheet will help you in identifying any spiders and their sacs that have dropped from the web.

If the spider eggs are attached to clothes or upholstery, avoid spraying them with bleach. Bleach can discolor clothes and fabric especially if it is concentrated. In such a case, use alternatives like white vinegar for spiders or sweep the spider eggs off before you spray bleach on them.

Ensure you vacuum the floor after that to remove any spider eggs and spiderlings that are left on the floor. After that, clean the vacuum storage with soapy water and ensure that there are no spider egg sacs left in there.

Bleach will also dissolve spider webs and deter spiders from staying in the same place again. Spiders are sensitive and cannot settle in the same area where their webs have been destroyed. The strong smell produced by bleach will stick around and this will deter them.  

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