What Do Rats Eat in Your House? [Favorite Rat Food]

Let us look at some of the things that rats will eat in your house because they seem not to have a restriction when it comes to food and they will feed on several things that you can imagine.

In your house, rats will eat anything as long as they are starving. However, their favorite food in your house includes fruits, meat, cheese, and groundnuts. If they can’t find those, then rats can feed on anything edible that humans can also eat at home.

What Do Rats Eat in Your House
What Do Rats Eat in Your House?

7 Things that rats like eating in your house

However, rats cannot vomit or burp and this means that when they eat anything poisonous, they will easily die. This is why it is important to know more about your pet rat’s favorite food while keeping in mind that some can be poisonous especially if provided in excess.

1. Almonds

Rats can eat almonds because they consist of antioxidant properties which are important in keeping the rat healthy. Almonds help in getting rid of any harmful substance that the rat might have consumed.

In addition, almonds contain vitamins such as vitamin B2 and vitamin E which are essentials to rat’s daily growth.

Almonds are known to be very nitrous since they contain fats and proteins which are necessary in keeping the rats body strong and to develop without any complications.

However, you should note that over feeding rats with almonds will make them excessively big and obese. This is because almonds contain fats in large quantities and this will aid in the increase of the fatty layers in the rat’s body.

2. Cabbage

Considering Cabbage for rat food is okay because it contains a lot of nutrients and can either be eaten while raw or when cooked. It contains fibers which very helpful to your rat since it makes the digestion process to become very easy.

You should only provide your rat with white cabbage since it is not that harmful to its digestive system. When white cabbage is given in excess, it can cause diarrhea in rats. This is why rats can only eat cabbages once in a while but not as a main meal.

Can rats eat cooked cabbage?

Cooked cabbages will even be great for them as long as it does not contain a lot of spices. If you keep rats, providing them with foods that are fresh and organic will enable them to stay for long without water.

In addition, cabbage consist of vitamins and carbohydrates which is helpful in generating the rats’ body with energy when converted to glucose.

Furthermore, we have a variety of cabbage such as red and white cabbage. The red one consist of anti-inflammatory properties which resist tumor development on the rat’s body.

Red cabbage is known to be very helpful especially for human consumption since it helps in reducing cancer risks. However, if rats eat it in large quantities, it can lead to excessive gas production which may be harmful to rats.  

3. Watermelon

Rats can eat watermelons and this is very good in hydrating them.  If you keep pet rats, then you should feed them with fruits that are fresh and vegetables including watermelons.

They need a variety of food and it is very difficult for rats to survive on one type of food daily. If rats do not have a variety of food, they tend to look weak and malnourished.

They like ripe melons due to their sweet scent and they will have no problems while feeding on them. When you are providing watermelon to rats, ensure that you remove the seeds.

Watermelon contains seeds and they are not really recommended for rat consumption for those who keep rats. Watermelon seeds can constipate rats and cause serious digestive problems for them especially when consumed in large quantities.

Watermelon seeds can also cause taste issues and they may end up hating them. There is a possibility of the seeds choking them because they do not have a large throat for digestion.

4. Sunflower

Rats can eat sunflower seeds given that it does not contain salt. You can also provide your rat with sunflower shell, this shells are helpful since they help your rat to grind its teeth.

Sunflower seeds will also help in soothing rats and it is best to give them this in the evening so that they become more relaxed at night.

Those seeds are also high in nutrients that are beneficial to rats. They also contain fats that rats need for energy. That means that you may also regulate how much you feed them with since they may become overweight when they eat them frequently.

5. Dog food for rats

Rats can eat almost anything when they are starving including dog food. However, dog food is not recommended for rats since it consist of higher protein ratio which is not healthy for rats.

If it is a must you provide rats with dog food, ensure that what is offered has lesser proteins in them and is served in low quantities.

Dog food consists of a balanced diet and therefore you can actually provide it to rats but in small quantities. This comes in a variety in form of cereals, grain mix, and fresh fruits.

If you are providing your rat with dog food, you should ensure that it is not served alone. You can either mix it with other foods such as fresh vegetables and fresh fruits as its supplement.

This will prevent your cat from suffering from various infection that comes about due to consumption of proteins and fats in excess.

If you keep rats, you should ensure that dog food chosen has no corns and sugar in them which might cause complications to your rat.

You can switch from rat’s normal feeds to dog food, just to change your rat’s daily diet as long as you observe the above guideline.

Best dog food for rats

You can provide your rat with some dog kibbles because they contain proteins that are more nutritious to baby rats.

This dog kibbles are also very helpful specially to rat mothers that are nursing. Kibble provides energy to your rat and therefore, it will always remain strong within its entire time of nursing her young ones.

For adult rats, you can only provide it with very little dog kibbles since they do not need proteins in excess.

Another dog brand that can be given to your rat is Nutro’s Natural Lite because it has a lower percentage of proteins. The most ingredients contained in them are rice and lamb and therefore no presence of corn.

6. Cat food for rats

Rats can also east cat food but in small quantities. It is good to note that cat food is designed to satisfy cats based on their size and preference. Therefore, what it contains may be too much for rats.

Cat food is not that preferable to be given to rats due to a higher protein content which is present in them. However, you can feed rats little bit of cat’s foods but it should not be given as a main diet.

You can also provide rats with cat food in a situation whereby the rat seems to be worn out and very weak. Cats are active and their food is always supplemented with lots of energy. This will boost the rat’s immune system.

It is therefore important to observe the quantity that you serve because the energy levels and proteins in cats’ food may overwhelm the rat and this may cause digestive problems as well.

Most brands made for cats are not best to feed rats this is because a cat is a carnivorous while rats are omnivorous and this brings about a difference in their diet. You can therefore mix this with other food when you want to boost the protein level in rats’ diet.

7. Lab blocks for rats- Lab rat food

Provide rats with lab blocks since it contains all nutrients that rats need. There are two types of food block which are meant for rats. They include Harland Tekland and Oxbow blocks.

There are two types of oxbow blocks namely oxbow regal rat this is a lab block which is mostly feed to bigger rats since it consists of lower proteins and is easily available.

Oxbow mouse is mostly preferable for baby rats since it consist of proteins in plenty which are needed for their growth and development.

If you keep feeding rats with lab blocks, a lot of changes will take place in their body. The rats coat will tend to look more bright and glossy in few days just after it has consumed plenty of lab blocks.

Foods that can kill rats (Dangerous rat food)

Rats lack gag reflex which is helpful in detecting and rejecting poisonous. Any food that will fill the rats stomach with gas or because digestive problems is considered dangerous to rats because they do not puke like humans do.

When it comes to feeding rats, you should avoid giving them apple since they contain cyanide that is very dangerous to your rat’s digestive system.

Keep your rat away from foods such as carbonate drinks since your rat is unable to burp. This means that it cannot be able to release any gas from its stomach through its mouth.

If you have to provide corn it should be wet one since dry corn can cause your rat develop cancer. This is because it contains fungal contaminants. Onions for rats can also be toxic and you may want to ensure they are well cooked if they are in your rat’s food.

Other foods that are poisonous to rats include green potatoes and green bananas. Poorly cooked beans can also prove to be deadly to rats because of the Hemaglutin properties that is toxic to rats.

Rats are very intelligent especially when you try to introduce new foods that is different from what it feeds on. They have a habit of tasting new food and pausing for some time to feel the effects.

You rat will taste food served to it and keep off for some time, as a rat owner this does not mean that your rat has refused to eat. This indicates that it’s trying to taste on food to see if that food is dangerous to its body.

Homemade rat food

There are various methods one can use in order to provide a better meal for rats. This homemade diet consists of items that are easily found in groceries.

Homemade food is easier to make since you can be able to measure necessary ingredients required for your rat. Below are various homemade foods for rats:

Subee’s homemade rat diet

This is one of the easiest homemade rat food with ingredients that are readily available in your local stores. Here is what you will need:

  1. ½ to 1bl of dry oats. Ensure that you do not use oatmeal in excess since it is binding. This means that excess oatmeal can cause constipation in rats.
  2. 5.3 oz of puffed wheat cereal. you can either use a variety of them i.e. Quaker or kashi but you should ensure that it does not contain any sugar in them.
  3. 6.4 oz puffed rice cereal. The best brand recommended is Quaker because it contains no sugar. Those that contain a lot of salt in them are also not recommended i.e.  Rice krispies.
  4. 12 oz total cereal. This is mostly recommended since it contains lots of necessary vitamins and minerals.
  5. ½ unsalted soy nuts. They contain a lot of proteins. However, it also consists of valuable ingredients which are helpful in keeping the rat healthy.
  6. ½ lb of fruits that are dry. You can use bananas since it the main source of phosphorous. These are very useful to your rat’s urinary tract.
  7. ½ lb of dry pasta. You can use noodles because they contain carbohydrates which are helpful in balancing excess protein in the rat’s food. Since noodles are crunchy, it is helpful in strengthening your rat’s teeth.
  8. ¼ lb. of sunflower seeds. They should not consist of any salt in them and should not be used in plenty.


  1. Take all the measured staffs and mix them in one bowl
  2. Place them in a container that is free from air
  3. You can always feed your rat with this type of mixture as often as you wish since it is a balanced rat treat.

Mazuri rat food

Mazuri rat food is one of the rats’ favorite food. It is a type of rat food which consist of several nutrients that are essential for your rats’ development. This makes your rat to live peacefully and enjoy its life to the fullest without any complications.

Rats are small but they should be treated well for them to be friendly with the environment surrounding them. Always ensure that food provided is very conducive for its consumption.

This is a homemade rat diet which you can prepare twice within a week just for a diet change. Requirements are as stated below:

  1. Sunflower seeds should be raw
  2. Flax seeds
  3. Soya nuts should be raw
  4. Egg nodules should be uncooked
  5. Puffed rice cereals
  6. Total cereals
  7. Dried tomatoes
  8. Dried can barriers
  9. Banana chips

What to do after getting the above:

  1. Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients
  2. Keep the mixture in a container that is covered and free from air
  3. When feeding rats with this treat, ensure that you measure the right quantity needed

Homemade rat treats

All ingredients that are used in making your rats food are healthy. You should ensure that corns are avoided if possible. In addition, ingredients should not have too much fat, sugar or fats. Requirements needed are stated below.

  1. Rolled oats
  2. Pasta that is not cooked
  3. Puffed wheat
  4. Puffed rice
  5. Raw pumpkin seeds
  6. Sunflower seeds that contains no salt
  7. Bananas that have been dried
  8. Whole grain fiber
  9. Toasted oats
  10. Soya nuts that are not roasted and that lacks

Here is how to proceed after putting the above list together:

  1. Mix all the items that have been mentioned above
  2. Keep them in a tight container
  3. Provide right quantity for your rat to feed on
  4. If you feel like providing water, do that separately

Feeding your rat with one type of food might become very boring. You can also change its daily diet from lab blocks and cereals. You can give them a treat by offering fresh foods such as blueberries.

If you are offering your rat different types of treats, always ensure that it does not consist of chocolate or potatoes Crips. Those items contain salt and sugar. Sweet potatoes can also kill rats if they take them in large quantities. Here is a list of various foods that can be part of homemade rat treats:

  1. You can offer your rat with Gerber instant baby oatmeal
  2. Cook some rise without salt for the rats
  3. Fresh fruits such as raspberries, watermelon, plums and blueberries are some of the best rat treats
  4. Fresh vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower and broccoli can also be given to rats as treats
  5. Olive oil is very helpful since it makes your rats coat to become shinny. You can either soak pieces of bread in olive oil or feed it to your rat in small portions mixed in food
  6. Multigrain bread is not also bad. You can lace it with some olive oil in small quantities for easy digestion

Rats favorite food (5 Types)

Rats are tiny but they have a taste for more than you think. Feeding them can be very difficult especially when it’s your first time.

This should not be of worry because there are various ways which are used to feed you rat, below are various brands which are useful in feeding you rat and they are very nutritious

1. Oxbow rat food

This is a type of food that is feed to rats and is very nutritious it consists of several ingredients in them. This includes brown rice, it is helpful since it’s a carbohydrate and it helps to provide your rat with energy for its daily movement.

Since it also consists of salmon and soybeans, this mix is very helpful since it brings about important ingredients such as fatty acids for rats.

For rats’ brain development, fatty acid is very important in its diet since it is needed for the rats several active senses and rapid body movements.

2. Oxbow baby rat food

This is mostly given to small rats since it consists of plenty of proteins which helps in rats daily development.

It also contains plenty of vitamins which is more preferable for rats that are pregnant for nutrients to be passed on to their young ones through nurturing.

3. Bulk rat food

This is considered to be very pocket friendly. bulk food for rats is beneficial since it consists of soybeans and fatty acids which are important proteins for the rat’s development.

If you keep rats for pets, it is always advisable provide the best for your rat. Don’t just go for cheap once that lacks enough nutrients in them.

4. Mealworms

Mealworms are also one of the best rat food that one can buy in large quantities for storage. Such food is always dried for storage. It can also be placed in a freezer for preservation.

It is also doubled up as a good rat treat that is easily available in your local stores. Rats find the ingredients tasty and easy to eat.  

5. Kaytee fiesta rat food

This type of rat food seems to be very crunchy and is good for rat’s teeth. It is made up of different types of shapes in one packet which looks friendlier for your rat’s consumption.

Rat nutrition

Rats love to explore when it comes to food and they easily get irritated by the same food daily. To ensure that pet rats stays in good health, always try different methods just to stimulate their appetite.

You can also decide to feed weak rats using a spoon just to ensure that no food is wasted when feeding for them to be stable.

Rats are very intelligent especially when it comes to sniffing on food that has already been served. You should not be mad at them but instead let them take their time to evaluate their food.

When feeding pet rats, provide them with food that help to work their teeth. This include uncooked noodles because their teeth keep growing within the day especially if they are still young.

It is not only a matter of buying foods for your rat and ensuring that its feeding bowl is always full all the time. Always ensure that food you are proving has a variety of components that constitutes a balanced diet.

Rat suddenly stopped eating

When rats stop eating suddenly, the best option is to observe it for any change in behavior and their stools.

This can either be a problem with its digestion system or the food provided may not have really impressed them. It is not really okay to rush into conclusions since rats are very sensitive.

Tet rat diet plan

Rats are omnivorous and this means that they feed on both plants and animal meat. Too much vegetable for your pet rats daily diet can be dangerous for them.

Therefore, provide your rat with proteins that are essential for a daily consumption. Pet rats are very friendly especially when it comes to eating. hen hungry, rats become desperate and can eat almost anything that is edible.

Unlike human beings’ rats too love junk foods. It is always a good idea to provide it with different types of foods to prevent it from being bored with same type of food each and every day.

In addition, you should avoid providing rats with excessive commercial food. This is because some of them contain preservatives that may disturb the rat’s digestive system. Try introducing what you eat to them and let them be part of your daily meal.

On a weekly basis, you can always provide pet rats with vegetables and recommended fruits. Proteins should only be provided in excess to young rats and nursing rats. In most cases, keep a very low percentage of protein for about sixteen percent in every meal that is provided.


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