Does Sweet Potato Kill Rats?

Sweet potatoes contain Ipomeanol, which is toxic to rats. If rats eat raw sweet potatoes, they will die due to a cyanide reaction that will limit oxygen flow in their cells. Since raw potatoes are not tasty to rats and mice, crush and mix them with sweet baits like chocolates.

Raw sweet potatoes are toxic to rats because it triggers excess production of body fluids which causes difficulty in breathing. When this condition persists with stomach upsets from undigested potatoes, they will die in less than a day.

Even though sweet potatoes will not kill rats and mice instantly, they provide a natural solution over time. The levels that affect rats cannot significantly affect you and your pets. This makes them a safe, non-toxic alternative to use at home.

Does Sweet Potato Kill Rats
Can rats eat sweet potato?

How to kill rats with sweet potatoes

Peel two rotting raw sweet potatoes and chop them into grain size pieces. Blend 2 teaspoons of those with 1 tablespoon of chocolate. Make a good layer of chocolate around the potato pieces and let them eat. Rats will die from severe congestion and diarrhea if they consume this in large quantities.

Chocolate is the best bait when using sweet potatoes against rats because it is tasty. It produces a sweet smell that will attract rats to it very fast. Additionally, it is sweet, and rats will consume the bait in large quantities.

1. Powdered sweet potato bait

Sweet potato powder can also get rid of rats since it increases oxalate levels in their body. This can negatively affect a rat’s renal function when ingested in large quantities. It happens because it will not be metabolized as required.

Eliminate rats and mice by:

  1. Mixing 5 tablespoons of sweet potato powder
  2. Add 3 tablespoons of fried minced meat
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of blue cheese
  4. Combine them until they blend well, and let them have it.
  5. After 1-2 days, you will see them dead; the only job is cleaning the mess.

2. Sweet potatoes with black holes on the surface

When out in the market, look for sweet potatoes that have deep black spots, holes, or pits on the surface. Alternatively, buy fresh ones and make holes in them. Then keep them in an airtight bag for 1 week until they start to rot.

Sweet potatoes with a dark brown or black tint on the surface are a sign of Alternaria Brassicicola infection. This produces toxins in alcohol form that can kill rats after 2-4 hours by destroying their liver if a good amount is ingested.

To kill rats using those potatoes;

  1. crush a rotting sweet potato
  2. Mix it with equal parts of peanut butter
  3. Then leave the mixture in rat-infested areas and let them take it.
  4. Ingesting this causes sudden stomach upsets with constant diarrhea in rats.
  5. They will die after 2-4 hours if they eat the bait in large quantities.   

3. Sweet potato flakes

When rats eat sweet potato flakes in large quantities, it dehydrates their cells. This gives them an urgent urge to take water. The flakes will expand when mixed with water in their stomach and die from severe constipation and bloating.

However, this will only affect rats if they consume a good amount. The only way to succeed is to ensure that it is the only food they can easily find. When rats are starved, they can easily eat sweet potato flakes in large quantities.

Can rats eat sweet potatoes?

Rats can eat sweet potatoes if they are well prepared and cooked. Toxic properties in sweet potatoes are neutralized when cooked under high temperatures. Rats and mice like the taste of cooked potatoes, which cannot kill them.

However, poorly cooked sweet potatoes can cause bloating, diarrhea, and congestion in rats. Even though this does not kill them instantly, it makes them weak and extremely sick. Since they do not vomit, they will not remain alive for more than 2 days, depending on how much they consume.

Additionally, adding tiny slices of raw onions to sweet potatoes cooked under low heat can kill rats in less than 6 hours. A combination of those two is deadly homemade rat poison. This takes time but is effective when dealing with an infestation.

This can be successfully used to eliminate rats in a backyard or garden. Sweet potato bait for rats will work best outdoors because they rarely find delicious food. Anything cooked and left in an infested garden will attract them very fast.

The only challenge for outdoor rats is taking the bait in large quantities. Unless that is okay with you, just use it for indoor control. However, potato baits are safe in a rat-infested garden since no chemicals are involved.

Rats and sweet potato facts

While it has been observed that sweet potatoes can negatively affect rats, they also make a great meal. However, it has to be well cooked under high heat, and they should not consume it in large quantities.

Sweet potatoes in a rat’s stomach are not easily digested. Eating large amounts causes severe constipation, which can make them lethargic. This makes it easy to eliminate them since they will not run as fast as they normally do.

Even though sweet potatoes can kill rats, it is not an efficient measure against them. They must consume a good amount before it takes a toll on them. Economically, this is not pocket-friendly, and you may want to get better alternatives. Additionally, mashed potatoes mixed with boric acid can kill rats if they ingest a good amount.

Ingesting sweet potatoes may turn into cyanide which is toxic to rats, but this can only be fatal in high quantities. Cyanide is rarely found in sweet potatoes. Even if it is present, it will only kill rats if they eat raw onions in large quantities.