Does Replacing Your Mattress Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

If there are bed bugs on your mattress, then they are definitely present on the bed and other areas in the bedroom. Therefore, Replacing the mattress on the same bed to clear bed bugs is not an effective control measure if they are still in the bedsheets and pillows.

Replacing your mattress can get rid of bed bugs. However, this will not be helpful if you have not cleared them from the bed, pillows, bedsheets, and the bedroom in general.

Bed bugs are very stubborn and they won’t just go away that easily. They will hide and lay their eggs on the beddings such that even if you have a new mattress, they will eventually start climbing on it if they are on the bed.

Replacing mattress to get rid of bed bugs
Replacing mattress to get rid of bed bugs

When can I replace my mattress because of bed bugs?

You may discard a mattress if it is old and heavily infected with bed bug eggs. Check if the mattress is torn or has holes. If so, check those holes and cracks because those are some other areas that bed bugs will use to hide and lay eggs on the mattress.

If there are many holes and cracks with lots of bugs in them, then you may consider replacing your mattress to get rid of them effectively. After that, use clean bedsheets. They also like hiding inside the pillows and with time, they will crawl back to your clean mattress.

How to dispose of a mattress with bed bugs

In this case, the best way is to burn the mattress outside in an open space away from the house. If you live in an apartment, take the mattress downstairs, and away from the house.

Find an open space and burn it there so that no property is destroyed in the process. If you cannot burn it, fold and tie it with a rope, then take it out to the trash. It is not advisable to donate it to street families because it will be not humane.

Check and treat the bedroom well before getting a new mattress to replace the old one. If you have a carpet in the bedroom, this could be another perfect hiding place for bed bugs.

How to check and remove bed bugs on mattress

The female will never stop laying eggs and it will continue doing so every day as long as it is alive and pregnant. The favorite area for them to lay is on the mattress edges below the piping base. Bed bug eggs are tinny and whitish but visible to the eye and will always be stuck on any surface.

This information should guide on how to spot bed bugs on mattresses and remove them. Instead of replacing a mattress because of bed bugs, use the following steps to get rid of them:

  1. Take the mattress outside during the day so that you have enough light
  2. If it is raining outdoors, use UV light to find the bed bugs especially if the room is dark
  3. Start by checking the mattress edge along with the piping
  4. Hold the piping and move it up and down so that the hidden edge is totally revealed
  5. Do this patiently as you move around the mattress and do not miss an inch
  6. You will find hiden bed bugs and their eggs
  7. Remove them as you continue checking
  8. Use a clean piece of cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol which kills bed bugs instantly to wipe them off the mattress edge
  9. For best results, leave the mattress outside especially if the sun is up because too much heat will kill the bed bugs or drive them away.

Alternatively, take the mattress out in the sun and let it stay for 6-8 hours. Turmeric kills bed bugs and this can be spread on it. Then get a mattress cover and ensure the mattress is well fitted and sealed. This will prevent the bugs from finding meals while the turmeric will kill them.


The above steps will definitely help in saving the money that may have been spent on a new mattress. Even if you move out of that house, bed bugs will still follow you to the new apartment as long as the beddings are still infested.

This is based on the fact that their eggs can still survive in the clothes removed from the wardrobe. It will just be a matter of time before they hatch and start breeding again in your new house.

After all those steps, treat the bed and the bedroom in general. The point here is that checking the mattress and removing all the bed bugs plus their eggs from it successfully is the same as replacing the mattress.

Therefore, check the bed and the entire bedroom for bedbugs before returning the mattress inside. Avoid carrying an infested mattress to the living room and checking it there because you may risk spreading the bedbugs on the carpet and the couch.

However, never be afraid to hug someone with bedbugs because there are few chances that you will get them. Any spilled period blood cannot attract bedbugs as well and that should not be a concern.

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