Best Way To Get Rid of Fruit Flies in The Kitchen

Keeping the kitchen clean is the first step you should take if you want fruit flies to go away. Flies will keep coming back if you do not observe hygiene. They will be constantly present even if you use the best method to get rid of them.

To get rid of fruit flies in the kitchen fast, clean any dirty utensils and keep ripe fruits away. Use drops of lavender or peppermint oil to wipe the kitchen counters.  Then mix 1 liter of hot water with 1 cup of vinegar and pour the mixture into the sink to kill fruit flies and their eggs.

Alternatively, you can clean first and then pour a cup of vinegar into the sink and wait for about 25-30 minutes.

Then pour 1 liter of hot water to completely terminate fruit fly eggs that are hidden in the kitchen drain. Those simple steps are enough to completely get rid of fruit flies in the kitchen very fast.

Fruit Flies in Kitchen

Why do I have fruit flies in my kitchen?

Fruit flies love the kitchen because there is always something that is decaying. This includes vegetable peels, ripe fruits, tomatoes, and sink drainage. Leave unwashed dishes in the sink and they will be having a party in your kitchen.

These tiny kitchen flies can breed on any ground as long as moisture, warmth, and decomposing food are present. This is the reason why fruit flies in the kitchen are common. They can get into the kitchen through open doors, windows, or drains.

If you have a dirty garbage bin in your backyard, be ready to find them in your house because they will fly in. You can also carry fruit fly eggs from a dirty vegetable because it is possible for them to lay their eggs on the goods that you buy at a busy market.

Once the eggs get into the house and are kept in a warm environment, they will hatch, and fruit flies will suddenly appear in the kitchen.

There are different reasons as to why one would have fruit flies in the kitchen. Overripe and rotting fruits and vegetables are the main cause.

Other causes include the presence of unwashed dishes, surfaces with sweetened drinks spilled on them, clogged drains, and moist spots.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in the Kitchen 

The key to getting rid of fruit flies in the kitchen is to ensure that there is nothing they can feed on. This should be flowed by cleaning any warm and moist place that they can lay their eggs and breed.

Getting rid of their breeding grounds helps to minimize the possibility of an infestation. Since their lifespan is so short, depriving them of food will ensure that they die fast.

 Clean vegetables from the market

To avoid infestation from the market, wash vegetables and fruits before keeping them. If possible, refrigerate those that you think will attract fruit flies.

Oranges, sweet bananas, pineapple, and tomatoes are some of the major fruit flies attractions in the kitchen. If you do not have a fridge to keep those, ensure they are clean and kept in a clean container that is aerated.

This can be a simple tin that has a very tiny hole on it. The aeration will help in keeping the vegetables and fruits fresh while keeping those flies away. Avoid buying too many vegetables and fruits.

Getting more than you need will only result in wasted food in the kitchen that is left to decay. This will attract fruit flies and they will keep coming back. Just buy what you will finish and re-stock when you need more.

Refrigerate unused vegetables

Fruit flies cannot survive in cool temperatures and there is no way they will go inside the fridge. The cool temperatures will also kill and terminate their eggs. Simply keep any fresh fruits and tomatoes in the fridge to avoid an infestation.

Washing helps to get rid of any eggs that may have been laid on the supply while refrigeration ensures that those flies are kept off. Refrigeration will also help in keeping the vegetables and fruits fresh and there will be no wastage.

Home made fruit fly trap

One of the ways on how to get rid of fruit flies in the kitchen is by laying a fruit fly trap. Here are some simple steps you can use to trap house flies in the kitchen:

  1. Add some apple cider vinegar and a little dishwashing liquid in a small bowl or a glass
  2. Place this around the most affected areas of the kitchen
  3. Take a plastic bag and snip off one of its corners. Place this on top of the glass in such a way that the snipped end is at the center
  4. Push the middle part of the bag into the glass so it forms a funnel-shaped  depression
  5. The flies will be attracted by the vinegar
  6. They will have their way in but no way out

How to stop fruit flies from coming back

Note that the raps will only capture the adult fruit flies meaning that the young ones and their eggs will still be left to grow. These have to be gotten rid of as well.

  • Start off by ensuring there are no breeding grounds
  • Get rid of leftovers
  • Clean the dishes regularly
  • Properly manage your garbage
  • Clean up any food particles and drinks on the counters and floor
  • For fruits and vegetables that can be refrigerated, do so
  • Ensure that damp rags and mops are dried and kept outside for aeration

The various ways there are on how to trap fruit flies in the kitchen make use of different ingredients. The apple cider vinegar fruit fly trap is most common but not the only one. Ketchup, fruits, beer, and wine can as well be used in making a trap for fruit flies.

Exterminating fruit flies in the kitchen

For you to exterminate fruit flies in the kitchen, consistency is important. Eliminating the mature flies alone will not help.

All stages in the life cycle of the flies have to be eliminated. Once that is done, precautions need to be taken to avoid giving a habitable environment for the flies in the kitchen.

This aims at terminating the flies and their eggs.  This process has to be deliberate and systematic.  Below are three steps on how to exterminate fruit flies:

1. Identify the breeding grounds

For fruit flies to survive, they need a moist environment that has a high population of bacteria. This normally is a place with sugary substances. Apart from the kitchen sink, fruit flies can breed in bathroom drains.

These could be fruits, juices, and vegetables that are ripe and rotting. For the extermination process to be successful, one has to get rid of all these potential breeding grounds of the flies. Keep the kitchen clean and dry as much as you can.

2. Get rid of what attracts them

Once the breeding grounds have been eliminated, the next step is to remove the flies from the kitchen by starving them. Identify thing that attract fruit flies and eliminate all those from the kitchen.

Start off by removing garbage. Ensure that fruits and vegetables are well stored and cut outs properly disposed. Also ensure that no food is left lying around. This is more so sweet foods.

3. Trap the insects

Once the flies have no breeding ground and food, it is now time to trap those that are left already. Apple cider vinegar traps are quite effective. They attract the flies into a trap where they cannot get out.

When the mature ones are gone, continue with the procedure as long as there is some hovering around. Since their life cycle is quite short, it should not take long before the insect have been exterminated.

You can also look for pest pesticides to eliminate them. However, this needs to be done after using the natural elimination methods because those chemicals may be dangerous in the kitchen if not used properly.


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