Flagyl Homemade Rat Poison + How it Works

Some people use crushed Flagyl tablets which are also known as Metronidazole to get rid of rats. This will work especially if they need to do this as fast as possible.

An overdose of Flagyl antibiotics can kill rats fast because it causes paralysis to their entire system. To get rid of rats using Flagyl, crush 4-5 tablets and mix this with an equal proportion of their favorite food such as flour. Place the mixture where the rats like to visit.

Why Is Flagyl (Metronidazole) Deadly to Rats?

The rat’s nervous system is designed in a way that almost resamples humans. Lab rats are used to test new medicine and vaccines before they are introduced to human beings.

Rats will tend to have borrowed most of the overdose symptoms just like humans and this will kill them. Rats can also experience severe side effects of Flagyl antibiotic like dizziness, weakness with difficulty to swallow anything that they take orally.

This makes it a very dangerous poison to rats and some people take this advantage to clear against them.  Once the rat is tricked into taking Flagyl, it will become very weak and dizzy. This makes it very easy to catch since one of their survival tactics is the speed at which they move.

Too much metronidazole in the rat’s system slows them down and paralyzes their entire system. Flagyl can also cause instant seizures in rats with severe muscle weakness at the same time.

This renders them powerless in a flash and kills it instantly. The rat may also have problems in seeing since it will be having a sudden blurred vision.

Flagyl Homemade Rat Poison
Flagy Homemade Rat Poison

Flagyl bait for rats

Flagyl tablets are made up of metronidazole. This is one of the poisons that will kill rats instantly and you can easily buy them over the counter in any store. Here is how to use them in getting rid of rats outside or inside the house;

  1. Before you start, ensure that all this is done away from your pets and kids
  2. Get like 10 tablets of Flagyl 500mg then grind and crush them to powder form
  3. Get some maize flour that is slightly more than the crushed powder and mix the two to blend well
  4. Place this in areas where you always see the rats or you know they will definitely find this
  5. Ensure you hide this from your pets but available to the rats
  6. The floor will attract the rats and once they eat the mixture, the will die instantly

Even if the rat runs away after taking the mixture, it will be just a matter of minutes before it becomes slow with difficulty in breathing and movement. It will just lay still and die instantly without so much pain.

This is one of the fastest ways to kill them. Those who keep rats think it’s cruel but we have to accept that we are all different based on the environment that we live in.

Rats can be a real problem at home since they will destroy a lot of important stuff that you love unless you are keeping them controlled as pets. This is one reason why many people will desperately try to find ways of eliminating them fast.

How to use Meat and Flagyl to Kill Rats

You can also use other foods that rats like the most which include meat. Rats love meat and this is one of their favorite food.

Especially if it is cooked, rats will not resist having a piece of it and this is why rats are a bother in butcheries. You can therefore use the following steps to kill rats instantly using meant and Flagyl antibiotic tablets;

  1. Crush 10 500mg tablets of Flagyl into fine powder
  2. Get some fried or boiled meat that is cooled
  3. Grind the meat into small pieces and if possible, you can use minced meat as it will work best
  4. Mix the meat with the powdered Flagyl and place them in locations that your rats always dwell
  5. Wait for them to eat and get rid of the dead rats so that they do not stick


Watch where you keep the trap because it can be deadly to your pets like cats and dogs that also love meat. Ensure you hide this or even lock your pets up once you know you have laid this trap. It is also advisable to inform anyone around of the trap.

This is because as much as we want to kill the rats, we need to put our safety first because the above descriptions make this antibiotic to be classified under drugs that are carcinogenic in rats. This is why it is instant poison to rats that can paralyze and kill them instantly without hesitation.

You may also use the metronidazole powder as described above to get rid of rats by mixing it with other foods that rats smell or feed on.

This is one secret that will help you in getting rid of rats instantly at home without a hustle. After using this antibiotic to kill rats, the only problem will be how to dispose of the dead rats. However, this should not be a problem at all.

When outdoors, you can use dry ice to kill rats around the yard. Just ensure it is safely done without harming any other living thing in or around your home.


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