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Does Ammonia Kill Rats?

When rats are exposed to ammonia, it will kill them instantly because it can corrode their skin, burn their eyes and damage their lungs. Ammonia will also repel rats because it has a strong smell that irritates their nose. Rats have a sensitive nose and they will stay away from anything that irritates it.

You can use ammonia to make rat poison at home. Mix 1/4 cup of ammonia powder with 4 teaspoons of peanut butter to make a paste. Then leave the paste where you know rats will find it. If they eat it, ammonia will burn the rats’ internal organs and this will kill them instantly.

It is not advisable to use use ammonia liquid to get rid of rats in an open field because the smell will be come weak after some time. If this happens, rats will ignore it and they will come back. It is therefore effective to use it in a closed are where it will suffocate and kill the rats.

How to repel and kill rats with ammonia
How to repel and kill rats with ammonia

Why does ammonia repel rats instantly?

Naturally, rats detect their predators by the smell of their urine. When an animal’s urine is concentrated, it will smell like ammonia. So when rats pick the smell of ammonia, they also get scared and they will run away thinking that there is a predator nearby.

A predators sweat may also smell like ammonia especially when it is dehydrated. This also explains why rats can avoid predators fast since they can pick the smell of concentrated sweat. When rats smell ammonia, they may think that it is a predators sweat or urine and they will take off.  

For this reasons, ammonia will repel rats very fast because they will think that their life is in danger. As long as there is a strong smell of ammonia in area, rats will stay away from that place. In most cases, they will go away forever thinking that the place if full of predators.

What does does ammonia do to rats?

When rats breathe in ammonia gas in a closed area, it will irritate their eyes and damage their lungs. When they breathe it in, it will burn their windpipe as well. Rats have tiny windpipes and the burns caused by inhaling ammonia fumes will kill them fast.

For ammonia to be effective in killing rats, you have to ensure that they are trapped in it. To kill rats outdoors, pour liquid ammonia in their holes and blocking the entrance. This will kill the rats instantly because the smell will remain in the hole for some time. Ammonia will also burn their skin on contact.  

Even if a rat escapes when you have poured ammonia directly on it, it will not survive. Ammonia will damage their skin and will also make them blind after some time. As it runs, I will breath it in in large quantities and it will not be long before it dies.

How to kill rats with ammonia

Before using ammonia for rats, you should know that the smell can also be fatal to you. It is therefore advisable to have your protective gear and a mask. Ammonia can have the same effects on you and you should be extra careful. Here are is how to use ammonia to get rid of rats:

You can sprinkle ammonia directly on rat holes and their hide outs. Rats are very fast and they will not wait for you to sprinkle ammonia on them. The good news is that you can spray it in their hide out to kill their young ones as well. Here is how to make ammonia spray for rats at home:

  1. Pour 8 ounces of liquid ammonia in a hand held spray bottle
  2. Add 4 ounces of of water into it and mix
  3. Spray the solution generously  in their hideouts
  4. This will kill them on contact

In case you spray this when they are out, they will not hide in the same place when they come back. The smell will scare them and they will go away. Do not spray this in a room where you want to sleep in at night. The smell will affect you as you sleep. Ensure you use it where there is no human activity.

Ammonia can also be mixed with peanut butter and plaster of Paris to kill rats. This is done in equal proportions to make a poisonous rat bait. This should be placed where children and pets cannot reach.

How to repel rats using ammonia

You can soak cotton balls in ammonia and place them where you do not want the rats. The cotton balls will retain the ammonia scent for sometimes and this will be effective in keeping rats away. The ammonia smell on cotton balls will last for 7 days. However, You can have them replaced after 1 or 2 weeks.  

This is also one of the best ways to keep rats and mice from eating clothes in wardrobe and drawers in the bedroom. In most cases, you do not want to have rats dead in your drawers so repelling them is one of the best solutions.

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If you have a rat infestation in hidden areas, you can pour ammonia liquid in a clean bowl and place it there. The constant smell of ammonia will drive them away because they will not be settled. This will trick rats into thinking that a predator is around.

To deter rats from pavements, Mix 1 cup of ammonia with 1 gallon of water and use it to mop the area. You may also add detergents to the mixture but ensure that they do not contain chlorine or bleach. This is ammonia can react with those two. Read the ingredients at the back of a detergent before you mix it with ammonia.  

Homemade ammonia spray can also be used on doormats to repel rats from getting into the house if this is the only entrance. According to research done at the Oxford Academic JN, it was observed that ammonia can cause colon musical damage in rats. This is clear proof that ammonia has several negative effects on rats.

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