Does Diesel Fuel Kill Flies? [Repel, Kill Flies with Diesel]

Diesel is known as a petroleum product for running engines but does it keep flies away? Yes, diesel will instantly repel and kill flies if you spray it directly towards them.

Diesel kills flies because it burns and dehydrates them instantly if they come into direct contact with it. It will also repel them because flies hate the strong smell of diesel and they cannot land on it.

However, using diesel for flies is really perfect in an open space outside. This is based on the fact that diesel is highly flammable and can be disastrous to the human breathing system when used in a closed area.

How to kill and repel flies with diesel

Just before you go running to a gas station to get diesel flies, you need to check and get the pros and cons of using it since your safety should come first.

How to Repel and Kill Flies Using Diesel

The smell of diesel is enough to repel flies effectively but for you to kill them, you have to spray or drown them in it. Like practically waiting for them to land and get the diesel on them.

Well, we all know that flies move so fast and they will not sit around to wait for your spray. However, it is a fact that if you manage to spray or get them to drink it, then the flies will definitely die. Here is the best way to spray diesel directly at the flies;

  1. Get a clean hand sprayer and pour some diesel in it
  2. Do not mix it with water since the two can never mix
  3. Get some glasses or protective gear to cover your eyes
  4. Spray the diesel directly on the flies and ensure
  5. Keep the diesel away from your eyes and the best way is to spray the flies below your head not while looking up
  6. Any fly that the diesel lands on will definitely drop dead after a short while

How to repel flies on a table with diesel

If you have a table outside where there are several house flies keep landing on, here is how to use diesel to repel them;

  1. Get a clean piece of cloth and just pour just a little diesel on it
  2. As little as one tablespoon of diesel is enough for this
  3. Wipe the table while ensuring the diesel is well spread
  4. You will notice that the flies will be instantly repelled by the smell diesel smell

Getting flies to drink diesel is just out of the question here because they will not even go near it. So do not bother or even think of having then drink it as a way of killing them.

Challenges of using diesel for indoor flies

It has also been observed that flies can never stand the smell of diesel fuel. They will fly away and avoid any surface that has diesel droplets.

The only reason why people don’t use diesel to get rid of flies is because of the strong smell that it has.

Many cannot stand the smell and they would rather not use it at home. Some people can also be very allergic to the strong smell it has.

You also don’t want to spray diesel in the kitchen or any open food because it is not really good for human consumption. You will have to be careful with it just like you would have done with any pesticide.

But in a case where you are seated outside, you may consider using this in small quantities. This is applicable especially if you are having a small party outside where people are taking alcohol and roasting meat.

How to repel flies in the farm with diesel

You can also use diesel on the farm to repel flies and keep them away. Just don’t expose your animals directly to it because they may have negative reactions to the smell as well.

Some people mix specific types of pesticides with diesel in order to get rid of lies that are always a bother to cows in the farm.

However, this is only done by professionals and you should never try it without the audience of a qualified animal expert.

You should know that spraying diesel directly on the cow’s hide to keep off flies can cause serious damage with irritations that can result in sores.

You can only use diesel when mixing insecticides for back-rubbers as an alternative for the oil. However, this must be approved because it will have to be used in a forced situation for chasing away face flies that can really stress your livestock.  

When you have new cattle rub, you may consider spraying just a little diesel on it to keep flies away from your cows.

This is perfect and all those who have tried this will always confess that they have had the best results. Again, ensure that you just use it in small quantities because we just want to keep the flies away and do no harm to the cows.

Diesel fuel is reliable for killing flies but you have to be precise and use it in very small quantities.  However, do not use this to deter flies from your hair or indoors. You may also consider growing plants that keep biting insects away on your farm for more efficiency.