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Does Clove Oil Kill Fleas? [Essential Oil for Fleas]

It is safe to use clove oil for fleas on the carpet, pet bedding, or around the house without any worry. Flea bites on pets can cause hair loss and clove has properties that can help in thickening hair on cats and dogs since it activates rapid hair growth.

Clove oil kills and repels fleas effectively. However, never use this directly on your pet’s skin because it can cause irritation. When using clove oil to remove fleas on dogs and cats, dilute it with water or carrier oils. Clove oil will also help in healing and disinfecting flea bites on your pet’s skin.

A good way to use this is to mix clove oil with carrier oils. Coconut oil is one of the best to mix with clove oil when repelling fleas on your pets. This is done in the ratio of 1:3 so that it is not too strong on the skin.

How to kill fleas with clove oil

Clove contains a natural insecticide element known as eugenol which can kill fleas on contact. Mix 0.5 cups of clove oil with 0.75 cups of warm water in a spray bottle. Then spray the solution on the infested areas and ensure there is good exposure.

Does Clove Oil Kill Fleas?
Does Clove Oil Kill Fleas?

To get rid of fleas fast, you may mix clove oil with vinegar in a ratio of 2:1. This means that the vinegar has to be half of the clove oil used. The same ratio can be used when mixing clove oil with essential oils like cinnamon, ginger, and olive oil.

When using clove oil to remove fleas on your pets’ fur, you have to neutralize it because it can be harmful to them if used directly. This means that you can mix clove oil with carrier oils like olive oil and water which will help in neutralizing its strong potent properties.

Other carrier oils that are best mixed with clove oil include coconut and jojoba oil. Those oils are categorized under massage oils and they are completely safe to use when dealing with fleas.  

After washing your carpet or pet’s bedding, you may add 10-15 drops on the final rinse to deter fleas. Check that they are properly dry before they sleep on them.

When using soapy water to get rid of fleas and other pests, you can add a few drops of clove oil for the best results. Add a few drops in your moping bucket and use it to clean the house as well. This can also be used to remove fleas in cars.

Does clove oil kill flea eggs?

Clove oil can kill flea eggs on contact because they are soft and porous. However, it must be mixed with warm water to destroy the eggs instantly. Clove oil is thick and warm water will make it pass through the tiny pores on the eggs so that the contents are destroyed.

Use the steps illustrated above to make a clove solution. Just ensure that it is not over-diluted. When spraying it on the eggs, move close to them and see to it that they are well covered.

Flea eggs are always hidden and they are very tiny that sometimes you cannot easily see them. An efficient elimination is to ensure you get close enough to the infested areas when spraying.

Remember that flea eggs are not sticky. If your pets are infested, those eggs are likely to fall on the floor, carpets, and bedding. Those are the areas of the target when spraying the solution.

Clove oil for fleas control
Clove oil for fleas control

How long does it take for clove oil to kill fleas?

It will take 8-15 minutes for clove oil to kill fleas when directly sprayed. However, this will depend on the solution strength and how close you spray them. To kill them instantly, the solution should be strong enough and it must contact the fleas.

Pet’s bedding can be rinsed with clove oil if they are flea-infested. This will help in killing and repelling them. However, clove solution should be sprayed on pets’ sleeping areas when they are away.

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When you have fleas in a kennel, add a teaspoon of olive oil into the cleaning bucket. Then let it mix with the water and use a rag soaked in it to clean the entire place.

Pour some dish soap to the bucket for the best results. If u do not have that, it is still okay to add some white vinegar to mix with the clove and water. His will help in getting rid of kennel fleas.

Using clove oil to remove fleas on carpet

After disinfecting your pets which are one of the major flea attractions, you will also have to disinfect your carpet which is a common resting place for them. Fleas hide under the carpet fur at the base where they patiently wait for their host. Here is what to do:

  1. Get 5 liters of warm water in a bucket.
  2. Add 5 teaspoons of pure clove oil to it.
  3. Add another 3 teaspoons of carpet cleaner and stir to mix.
  4. Deep a piece of cotton rag into the solution then wring to remove the exes water. Use this to white the carpet as you squeeze and press.
  5. The aim here is to have just a little solution reaching the bottom of the carpet so that you do not have it soaked with the solution.
  6. If you run out of the solution, make another one in case you have a big carpet.
  7. Keep everyone including pets away from the carpet so that it dries properly.
  8. You can vacuum to remove the flea eggs. Apart from fleas, clove will also kill roaches and repel other little pests or bugs in the process.

Clove oil for fleas on seats

Both pets and humans spend a lot of time on seats and this is one reason why fleas like hiding in seats. They are assured of finding their host especially if there are people who also sleep on the couch at night.

Here is how to remove fleas on seats using clove oil:

  1. Get 3 glasses of warm water in a spray bottle
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to it.
  3. Put 3 teaspoons of pure clove oil and shake to mix
  4. Spray this directly on the joints and under the cushions where fleas like to hide on seats

Baking soda for fleas is very effective and adding this to the clove solution is a good idea. You can also use this to kill fleas on car seats because they love the warmth of your car.

They are also assured of getting a host to feed on and this is why you can get fleas from infested car seats. Fleas will wait to feed on pets and humans in the car because they feed on blood.  


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