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Can Cockroach Spray Kill Lizards?

The efficiency of roach spray in killing lizards will also depend on the brand. Some sprays are very strong and may affect the lizard’s breathing system instantly if sprayed close enough. This will cause the lizards to have breathing problems thus killing them fast.

Cockroach spray can kill lizards but they will not die instantly because they need to inhale it in large quantities. It takes some time for bug spray to paralyzes a lizard’s system before they die. To kill a lizard using cockroach spray, spray it directly on them in large quantities.

In most cases, house lizards and geckos will always crawl on the walls if not on the roof. Do not go chasing after a lizard while spraying at the same time.

Can Lizards Be Killed by Cockroach Spray?

Does bug spray repel lizards?

One reason why roach sprays are effective in repelling lizards is that at the smell of it, lizards will run away because it will irritate and repel them. Lizards move so fast at the sight of human beings and you do not expect them to stand and wait for you to spray.

Maybe if you want to find a way of holding them in a cage, spray them and watch them die. However, this will also be a waste of time because catching them is not easy. You will only manage to spray them just a little bit but they will be gone.

If you manage to get cockroach spray directly on the lizard’s eye, it will definitely damage them.

If they cannot see, it becomes difficult for them to feed because they cannot hunt for food in your kitchen. House lizards and geckos cannot go for more than 4 weeks without food.

However, if you identify where the young house lizards or geckos are hiding then you get roach spray directly on them, they will day much faster if not instantly. This is because they are too young to deal with the harsh chemical that is contained in the spray.

How to use cockroach spray to kill lizards and gekos

Now, you have just spotted a house lizard or gecko and the only thing you have is a cockroach spray. You will have to be smart about using it to kill lizards because timing is the key here. Lizards are not going to sit around and wait for you to spray them.

They will crawl as fast as possible even when they realize you are coming towards them. So to kill them using cockroach spray, you need to master the following:

  1. Take time to study were the lizards like to spend more time
  2. be a good timer because they move fast
  3. Ensure you directly get the cockroach spray directly on them for best results

You can also identify where they lie in wait for their food and have them sprayed directly. Lizards will always hang around lights or in the kitchen at night because they love to feed on the flying insects that are attracted to light and roaches that crawl around at night.

How long will it take for cockroach spray to kill lizards?

It can take between 6-12 hours for cockroach spray to kill lizards. However, this will depend on the type and brand that you used since some are stronger than others. How close you got the spray on the lizard will also determine how fast it will work.

There are several cockroaches sprays out there and in most cases, Baygon, Raid, and Hit sprays will kill lizards if you manage to spray them close enough.

Cockroach spray will also repel lizards because just like roaches, those critters hate any strong smell from the chemicals since they do not have big lungs that can hold them for long.

It is also good to note that it can take 10 minutes for cockroach spray to kill lizards if they are still young.

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This is because young lizards have a weak breathing system and they also need to eat every day. They cannot stay for long with the spay on them and some can even die in less than 5 minutes.

Is it safe to use cockroach spray to kill lizards at home?

No, it is not safe for your pets to eat lizards that are dead from spraying because lizards have liver fluke which is a very dangerous parasitic infection to your pets.

This can cause inflammation to the liver which may be fatal in the long run. The spray’s chemical components on the lizards are also not healthy if consumed in large quantities.

Cats and pups are found chasing lizards and eating them because they are always after anything that is crawling. After spraying any lizard, it may be crawling on the flow and become too weak to run. If your cat or dog finds this, they will eat it.

It is therefore advisable to dispose of and keep your pets away from those dead lizards after spraying. If you notice lizards crawling on your bed, do not use cockroach spray where you want to sleep since it may affect your breathing system at night.

Care and caution

It is also a good practice to ensure that you keep off the environment that you have just sprayed for some time. This is because the fumes can be harmful if you are exposed to them for a long time.

Cockroach spray can cause difficulty in breathing and this is not good for people who have any complications like asthma that affects the breathing system. This is why as much as cockroach spray can kill lizards, it is always one of the last options to go for.

The risks and the task involved are always high. Plus, you will end up using lots of spray before killing them. After spraying them, lizards will need lots of water to survive the deadly chemicals in a roach spray.

You will also waste a lot of time while trying to catch those critters off guard which may be as good as useless. They are adapted to survive and getting near-term is just a problem.

Some bug sprays are a risk to you and your pets around the house. You also do not want your eyes exposed to the spray because the lizards like taking the high ground. To conclude, cockroach spray for killing lizards should be your last but best option.

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