Can Bleach Kill Cockroaches?

Bleach is one of the common home cleaning agents that we all have at home. Remember that bleach can corrode almost anything it comes into contact with. It should therefore be diluted and used moderately.

Bleach kills cockroaches on contact because it burns through their skin layers. Mix ½ cup of bleach with 1 cup of water and spray it in their hideouts during the day when they are all hiding. The strong chlorine odor in bleach will also repel roaches instantly.

You should only use water to dilute the bleach. Avoid any other chemicals because they may react and produce dangerous fumes. You should, therefore, limit the quantities when using bleach to keep roaches away.  

Does Bleach Repel or Kill Cockroach?
Can Bleach Kill Cockroaches?

How to get rid of roaches with bleach

You can use bleach to kill cockroaches that live in the sink and only pop out at night in the kitchen. That is why you will never see them during the day since they only come out when the lights are off. Here is what to do:

  1. You can get a clean bucket
  2. Pour a cup of bleach
  3. Add 3 cups of water into the bucked and mix
  4. Pour this down the drain at once
  5. When it comes into contact with the roaches, they will be killed if the ingest it
  6. Cockroach will also run away from the smell thus keeping them off

Another hiding place for roaches in the shower drain because it is warm, dark, and moist. This is one of the most perfect hideouts for roaches and they can bread without any problems.

This is why pouring the bleach solution down the drain is good because it will drown the cockroaches that hide in there. Direct contact of any roaches in the drain with bleach will kill them instantly.

Can bleach kill cockroach eggs?

Bleach will kill cockroach eggs and will help a long way in preventing the roaches from multiplying. However, you have to break them open and spray the bleach directly on the broken eggs for it to work effectively in killing the contents.

It may be tiresome but it is the best way to use bleach for cockroach eggs on your furniture, walls, or any other hidden places in the house. Bleach will also kill cockroach eggs hidden in your clothes. Here is how to use bleach to kill roach eggs:

  1. Get some gloves on your hands, bleach, and a clean piece of cloth
  2. Break the egg open by squeezing them or smashing them with a stick
  3. Add a little bleach to the cloth and use it to wipe the remains of the eggs off
  4. This will kill the eggs and destroy their contents permanently
  5. For best results, ensure the bleach comes into direct contact with them.

If those eggs are out of your view, then it will be quite a challenge to get rid of roaches eggs using bleach because you will not be able to spay or pour the bleach directly on them.

Bleach for cockroaches in drain

Yes, pouring some bleach down the drain will remove existing roaches and they will actually die or avoid that area at all costs. You may also end up finding dead roaches that are flushed out of the drain.

The only problem with constantly pouring bleach down your drain is that it may end up reacting with the copper or steel that is used to make the drains. Bleach contains chemicals that are corrosive thus it will damage your drainage system in the long run.

When your drainage is made of PVC pipes, you may use common house bleach in small quantities to get rid of cockroaches hiding down there.

However, continuous use of bleach down the rain may in end up mixing with other chemicals there and cause fumes that may not be healthy for you and your family in general.

PVC pipes that are used for plumbing are hardened and protected because there is a possibility of pouring chemicals down the drain even without knowing. So a little bleach for keeping away roaches in plastic pipe drainage is okay but don’t overdo it.

Can I Use Bleach for Roaches in The Toilet?

Yes, it is okay to leave bleach in the toilet overnight with the aim of cleaning and repelling roaches at home. Simply use bleach to clean the toilet and let it settle for about 20 minutes before you wipe it clean.

You can use those simple steps to clean the toilet seat using bleach to keep away roaches, fungus, and bacteria:

  1. Spay some bleach on the toilet seat
  2. Let is settle for about 20-30 minutes
  3. Scrub the seat as you splash clean water on it
  4. Let it dry off on its own
  5. The remaining scent of bleach will also keep cockroaches away from your toilet
  6. Add a few drops of bleach in your moping bucket that contains water
  7. Use this to mob the toilet floor
  8. The lingering smell of bleach on the floor will also turn roaches away from your toilet

This will also protect you and your family from unwanted infections especially if you share your toilet with visitors.

Will bleach repel roaches?

Yes, the smell of bleach is very strong thus it will repel and keep away roaches from your home. Roaches do not like strong concentrated smells and that is why pesticides are also strong in terms of smell.

Here is how to use bleach to repel and kill cockroaches in the kitchen:

  1. Pour a glass of bleach into a clean container
  2. Add 2 glasses of water and get a hand sprayer
  3. Mix the solution and pour it into the hand sprayer
  4. After cleaning the kitchen and washing all the dirty plates from the sink
  5. Spray the mixture around the sink as you wipe with a clean cloth
  6. Repeat this in all the affected areas
  7. Add a glass of bleach in a bucket of water and use this to mop the kitchen floor
  8. Close the doors and windows overnight

This will definitely repel and kill most of the roaches in your house and you will notice a reduced number of roaches at night in your kitchen. You can also mix bleach with soapy water to get rid of cockroaches fast.

Do not use this method in your bedroom or anywhere you spend the night because the smell can be really irritating. Avoid using bleach for cockroaches in potted plants as well because it may harm them.


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