Can Bed Bugs Go Up Your Bum?

Just like any other skin on your body, bed bugs can bite and suck blood from your bum but they will not crawl into your bum. They are not intelligent enough to target or chose. They will bite on any area including the but skin if it is the first place that they can reach.

Bed bugs can’t go up your bum because there is no oxygen circulation in it. They also need oxygen for survival just like all living things do. Your intestines also produce hydrogen and methane gasses which can discourage bedbugs from crawling into your bum.

Before they try getting into your bum, they will have to crawl through other parts of your skin. The first area that they come into contact with is what they are likely to bite. There is no way a hungry bed bug can crawl across your skin with an aim of getting into your but.

Can bed bugs go up your bum?
Can bed bugs go up your bum?

5 reasons why bed bugs cannot go up your bum

Your bum skin is just like any other skin on your body. According to bed bugs, there is no reason for sparing the first skin contact on your buttocks or any other area and go in instead. Even if bed bugs try crawling into your bum, the following factors will keep them off:

1. Gasses

Undigested food that is released from the small intestines is always passed on to the large intestines. Once they get there, there are special bacteria that will break them down. During the breakdown, CO2, hydrogen, and methane gas are likely to exit through your bum.

Those gases will repel bed bugs because they will not be able to breathe like they are supposed to when in an open environment. This is a major factor that keeps them away from going up your bum even if you sleep without any clothes on.

2. Heat

The bum skin is always hot and this can attract bed bugs to bite on the skin. However, they cannot go into you because the temperatures are high. The environment is also stuffy and if they try to squeeze through the bum, there is nothing that will attract them.

Heat is among the factors that help bed bugs find their hosts but when they are closed in it, they can get uncomfortable. This explains why they will rarely bite between the bum crack or even try to find their way in because it is extra hot in there.

3. Lack of oxygen

The anal entry is tiny with a small opening that is always releasing harsh gasses from the body. This discourages airflow in there. If bed bugs go into your bum, they will not be able to breathe since there is no oxygen flow.

Bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide but the amount produced from the bum is always mixed with other gasses. This makes it difficult for them to detect it and the chances of them trying to go for your bum opening are naturally reduced.

4. Stools

Human stools are always alkaline and in some cases, they may be acidic pending on one’s digestive system. Raised pH levels of alkaline or acid can keep bed bugs from going up your bum. They cannot survive in a closed environment that is altered by compounds emitted from the feces.

Stools that remain inside will also block and give bugs a difficult time in case they try to go in. If bed bugs force their way up to your bum, the stool will form a layer on them. This will prevent airflow in their body and cause their death.

5. Rectal discharge

The recta naturally produce mucus that helps in lubricating the stools while they are being passed out. This mucus is slippery and is always present inside the anal walls. Bed bugs cannot climb through the rectal discharge and get into your bum.

The mucus is thick enough to block the breathing openings located in their abdomen. This discharge can also mix with stools and bed bugs are enough to push their way through. Therefore, there is no need to worry about bugs getting into your body through the bum because those natural factors will not allow them.

How to keep bed bugs from biting your bum

Based on the above factors, we can declare that bed bugs cannot crawl into your bum but they can bite the skin around it. They will bite your bum if it is possessed to them since it is not special from the rest of the body that they always bite. Here are some measures that can be put in place to avoid them.

If you live in a bug-infested house, bed bugs can hide in your clothes and bite you at any time. They crawl on you and bite any exposed area including your bum. Those that are left in bed will wait for you to jump in and sleep at night.

The first measure to stop them from biting your bum is to clear a serious infestation. Wash them under high temperatures because hot water can kill bed bugs in your clothes.

Seek help from pest control experts since it is the only way to get rid of a heavy infestation. Check your mattress and bedding to ensure that there are no bed bugs hiding in them.

In case you find any, clean them with hot soapy water and parch them in high temperatures. However, washing your bedding when the room is still infested will not keep bed bugs from biting you. They will still crawl into your bed since they are good at finding a blood meal.

Once you notice that there is an infestation, you can have some boxers or shorts on while sleeping. Many people do not like sleeping in tight undergarments since it gets hot at night. Putting on some clothes can keep bed bugs from your private parts and bum in general. In addition, apply some bed bug repellent on your bum and your body.