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Does Boric Acid Kill Rats?

Boric acid can kill rats but only if they ingest it in large quantities. For rats to consume it, boracic acid has to be combined with a sweet bait since it is tasteless. However, boric acid is not an effective way of killing rats because its toxic levels are low. Rats must consume a significant amount of it and making them do so can be challenging.

If rats ingest more than 5 grams of boric acid, they become restless due to severe stomach upsets and diarrhea. Mix 10 grams of boric acid powder with 5 grams of chocolate and let them have it. After consuming the mixture, rats will become lethargic and they will die after 5-8 hours.

Quantities below 5 grams cannot harm them. However, 3-5 grams of boric is enough to kill the young ones while 5-10 g is toxic to adult rats and mice depending on their size or habitat. Indoor rats will die faster after eating borax or boric acid bait as compared to those that live in the fields.

Does Boric Acid Kill Rats?
Boric Acid for Rats

How does boric acid kill rats?

If rats ingest more than 10 grams of boric acid, they will have serious stomach pains after 2-3 hours. This is followed by continuous diarrhea. They become extremely weak to an extent that they can not move. In severe cases, rats that consumed over 20 grams of boric acid get severe tremors and convulsions before they die.

The reason for stomach pains and death is that rats cannot vomit and when they ingest any poison, they rely on their immune. If they are lucky enough, they will take it off in for of diarrhea. However, the fact that it is in their belly means digestion has begun. Therefore, the quantity of boric consumed determines if they will die or survive.

Boric acid contains boron which can poison rats depending on the amount ingested. Boron can have mild effects on rats like slight stomach pains that can settle after some time. If the rats find water to drink, boric acid will not kill them especially if they consume it in small quantities that are below 2 grams.

Boric acid is concentrated that the cells in a rat thus it will absorb water from their inner tissues. It also causes diarrhea which makes the rats lose water very fast. Dehydrated rats become restless with a sudden urge to take water. Since they can not move fast in this case, the young and the old ones will die very fast if they happen to take a good amount of boric bait.

How to make boric acid rat poison

Boric acid can be mixed with tasty food like fried meat, chicken, or fish. When making a DIY rat poison, ensure the acid is added beyond 10 grams. Naturally, boric does not have a strong taste thus rats will never realize the food is poisoned. This makes it a good bait because there will be no bitter taste to repel them.

For a homemade rat poison, mix boric powder with fried minced meat in the ratio of 2:1. The more they consume, the better. Place the bait where they will find and feast on it. Those that eat in large quantities will feel the effects after 4 hours or more before they die.

The same procedure can be done with anything that rodents like. After ingesting the acid, rats will become thirsty. Mix dissolve some boric acid in water and leave it near their hideouts. Drinking it accelerates the toxic symptoms and increases the fatality rate. When they are thirsty, they get desperate and are likely to take the water in large amounts.

You can also make your own boric acid for rats from borax. Borax can kill rats if they consume it in its pure form. Powdered borax can be mixed with cheese or peanut butter for rats to eat. Since boric acid is made from borax, both can be used against rats and other pests at home.

A good way to get rid of rats is to trick them into eating than drinking. An average rat drinks about 60ml of water in a day. Meaning that they eat more than they drink thus it is better to mix boric in rat’s food than water. Additionally, it is never guaranteed that rats will take lots of water because that depends on how thirsty they are.

Safety and precautions

When applying boric, accidental exposure may occur either by contact or breathing. While boracic acid is not extremely toxic to humans, borax can have severe irritating effects. Have some gloves on and avoid touching your face. Any container used while making the bait should be properly trashed to keep pets from leaking on them.

Some baits can also attract other pests like roaches and ants especially when placed in cabinets. Since boric is an insecticide, it will kill most of those pests if they take lots of it. Using boric acid baits in closed kitchen cabinets or in hidden areas is okay and safe.

Note that the baits can also harm other pests and young ones n the house. Be careful where you place them around the house. If possible, have them in the rat holes or use them at night when everyone is sleeping.

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Spraying a boric solution on rat-infested areas will not repel or kill them. They have to take a good amount of it orally in order for it to affect them. Rats cannot eat boric acid powder if it is not mixed with anything because it does not have any scent that can attract them. If they happen to taste it, they will never have the urge to eat more since it is not tasty.

Research has established that Boracic is carcinogenic that is classified in group E. However, oral experimental consumption done on rats indicated that it can not cause cancer in rats. Therefore, if rats consume it in small quantities over a period of time, it will not harm them in any way. Boric acid is only toxic to rats if they ingest it orally in large quantities.

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