Bay Leaves and Roaches + How to Use Them

Bay leaves can keep roaches away since they are natural insect repellents. However, this is always used to deter just a few roaches. This is a natural way to keep them off after performing serious pest control measures and there are only 2 or 3 roaches roaming around.

To repel roaches, get 6-10 bay leaves and place them in the infested area for 7-14 days. For better results, ensure the leaves are not too wet or withered. Over-dried or frozen bay leaves will not repel cockroaches. Use fresh bay leaves right after they have been plucked from the tree.

Bay leaves can also be used in powdered form as long as their fragrance is kept intact. When bay is left in the open for long, it loses its repelling power. Some think using bay for roaches is a myth.  However, this is not true because fresh bay will repel roaches while weak dried bay with no scent cannot deter bugs.

Bay leaves and roaches
Bay leaves and roaches

Do bay leaves repel or kill roaches?

Bay leaves only repel roaches but it will not kill them. There is nothing about bay that roaches will find attractive. Even if roaches eat bay leaves, it will not die because the components are not poisonous to them. They only hate the smell that the leaves emit and they will avoid it.

However, when bay leaves are will only kill cockroaches if they are crushed and placed in the same container that is covered with a lead. This means that you have to suffocate cockroaches with the vapors released from the fresh bay if you want them dead.

When crushed, bay leaves will release Allylveratrol, Cineole, and Terpineol Acetate. Those three compounds can only suffocate and kill roaches when they are exposed to them in a closed air-tight area. When left in the open, fresh bay will just deter roaches but not kill them.  

Killing roaches using bay will therefore be difficult because there is no point in trapping roaches and suffocating them. How long will it take you to time and trap them? It is therefore not an effective way of killing them if you want a permanent solution.

Is it safe to use bay leaves for repelling roaches?

It is safe to use bay leaves when getting rid of roaches or other insects because they are not poisonous to humans or pets. However, always cut them into small pieces when using them indoors. Bay leaves will not soften even if they are cooked and this makes them a choking hazard to pets.

When using bay leaves for roaches, avoid using throwing the whole leaves around. Target the infested area and place them there. They have a slippery surface that can easily slide into a pet’s throat if they accidentally eat them.  Swallowing a whole bay leaf is difficult because they are sharp and tough.

You can also use bay leaves to repel cockroaches in bed and the bedroom in general. You can place a few leaves under your pillow as you sleep as this will also help in keeping you calm. This can also be placed near your pets to deter bugs as long as they will not eat them.

How to use bay leaves for roaches

Using basil to deter cockroaches is as easy as getting a few fresh leaves and placing them in areas where you want to repel the bugs. After cleaning the kitchen at night, you can place bay leaves on the counter to repel cockroaches and other insects.

Note that bay leaves will not be effective if you have a roach-infested house. Leaving dirty plates in the sink overnight and placing bay around them will also not work. Roaches are desperate when they are hungry and they will go for food particles.

You have to keep the house and the kitchen clean and ensure there is no food for the roaches to feast on. Roaches hate bay leaves and you can also keep this to deter them from drawers and wardrobes.

Roaches hide in clothes and any natural repellent in you drawers is better because there will be no weird scent left on them. It is also safe to use this in your bedroom wardrobes because the sent is healthy for your sleep and t will not harm you in any way.

Ground bay leaves powder can also be sprinkled in areas where you want to avoid the roaches. AS long as the bay powder is fresh with a powerful aroma, it will repel roaches in a car, under the cooker, fridge, or sink. However, ensure you do some cleaning first.

How to use frozen bay leaves for roaches

Those leaves are always preserved by keeping them in the freezer because if they dry out, they are less effective. You can preserve fresh bay leaves sealing them in a sip-top bag and placing them in the freezer. This can preserve them for up to 4 months.

If you want to use preserved bay leaves from the fridge, let them loose the cold first. This can be done by letting them dry first. If the sun is up, keep them there for 1 hour before you use them to deter roaches.

Alternatively, you can place frozen bay leaves in the microwave at 100w for 1-2 minutes depending on how hard they are. Use the lowest heat possible and heat them up and remove the cold. Overheating will make bay components lose their repellent strength. If this happens, then they will not deter the roaches successfully.